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Gluten Detox questions..

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Hi all.. I will try to keep this brief. After years,30+, of stomach issue I am done with gluten. I have been a vegetarian for 15 yrs and basically dairy free for about 8-10 yrs (nut milks only..occasional occurrence of dairy cheese) my stomach trouble had almost become debilitating but dr's had given me dx of Crohns,then IBS, then ulcerative colitis. I honestly believe if nothing else I have definite food allergy(s). Anyway, I've gone hardcore into GF and am on day 6 and needing some reassurance about the symptoms I'm having,assuming they're detox? First few days was horrible weird headache, almost felt like static or currents zapping thru my brain every few minutes. Very very tired, like exhausted.. fuzzy headed, unclear and difficult to think clearly. I had a very hard time passing stool and when I finally did it was like childbirth(slight exaggeration). Now my stools are a bit better, my head is clearer, but I have awful aching throbbing joints and TERRIBLE foul(rotten egg) smelling gas. The gas isn't causing me pain per se, and believe me I wish I could control it but as *soon* as I eat, it's there. Is the gas normal? For the record I'm taking these supplements, but would love to know if there's anything different that I should be taking to help thru this detox. My husband even remarked today at the horrible dark circles under my eyes, yet I have been sleeping well. It's like for every gain I feel like I notice another detox symptom! Just knowing there's others who have experienced any of this during the gluten detox would help me.

Daily vitamins and supplements:

D3 1000IU 3x day
B12 1000 mg 2x day
B2 100 mg 2tab 2x day
Milk thistle 240 mg 2 tab 2x day
Digestive enzyme 500 mg 3x day(before meal)
Lemon balm 200 mg at bedtime
Oil of oregano 150 mg 2x day
Liquid Cal/Mag 600 mg cal and 300 mg mag 1x day
Udo's choice 3-6-9 oil blend 1Tbsp 2x day
Jarrow Formulas probiotic 10 billion per capsule 1xday

> I should add that in just looking at the probiotic, it only lists lactobacillus plantarum as the only strain in it, so I'm wondering if I should be taking a different probiotic.

Thanks in advance, hopefully someone can help me!
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....no one? whistling.gif
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Personally, I did not have most of those issues when I went gluten free. I did have stomach issues, but I added in a good probiotic and that helped, although sometimes it takes a while to adjust to those, too. 


What are you replacing the gluten with? Are you eating alot of one type of food in place of it? For example, eating an increased amount of eggs, veggies, etc, something that may cause that reaction? 


If you just started all of those supplements, one or more of them may be suspect. Some brands and doseages of certain vitamins make me nauseous and cause stomach issues. 

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I started back on gluten part-way through pregnancy.  The GF breads (even the ones that were supposedly allergen safe for me) just weren't sitting well with me and my symptoms were bad enough that I just said "F-it".  It helped a lot, but too much is a problem as well. 
I was near-vegan for 11 years.  I started acupuncture and reintroduced meats and a lot of my rebuilding of health has been through that and cutting out the foods that I was/am sensitive to. 
It's taken a lot of hard-work and diligence, but I am confident that I was doing much, much better until . . . first trimester.  Then the lines all got blurred and up was down and "good" and "bad" would skip merrily down the lane together like a couple of mischievous twins, each take turns looking like the other until I cracked - repeatedly.  <sigh>  It was rough. 
In the beginning it took a really strict elimination diet after an expensive food sensitivity test and I realized that I could only eat a few foods and had to rotate them.  That's when I turned to other therapies and eventually landed on acupuncture as my best option (after trying a few others, too).  Now I don't have as strict a "no" list and each meal is different as I listen to my body. 
I'm curious to do the retest post-partum, but because it requires a fast I may not be able to do it for a while. 
I also no longer have a long list of supplements I take, but I do have two drawers full of supplements I took over the last couple years.  There's a lot of money spent in those drawers and I can't quite throw it away just yet, but will have to soon when we move. 
This long post is the short version.  Feel free to ask me specific questions. 

For any IDK/allergen-suspicious reactions or to prevent in case of chemical/food exposure, I take 1/4-1/2 tsp baking soda and 1g corn-free vitamin C in water.  I have also used lemon oil on the bottom of my feet and/or drink lemon water. 
I am familiar with MSM supposedly helping clear sensitivities, but have less defined results with this (and am not sure whether I want to hold off on reintroducing it until PP or start including it now to see effect.  Most clear effects were long-term.  Recommendations I read said it was fine in pregnancy if you were already taking it, not clear about effects during pregnancy, and fine when breastfeeding because breast milk contains MSM already. 

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I think it took about a month for my body to adjust, but I did not have what you are saying you are experiencing. Off the top of my head I am thinking leaky gut issues - gluten has done a lot of damage and it will need to be repaired and you may have replaced the gluten with another offending food that may or may not be related to gut damage. (IOW the secondary offending food may be able to be added back into your diet once the gut is healed.)


Also, have you made sure your supplements are gluten-free? Sometimes when you start going off of it, taking even just a trace of it can make worse symptoms than previously.

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