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What's Your Monthly Food Budget?

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I'm curious what everyone's food budget looks like. We have 3 in our family and spend $550 and mostly buy organic and in season. Is this average ?
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We have three also, but our budget was about the same. I got it under control recently and I am working towards a friendlier budget right now. Food is much less expensive here in the summer then in the depths of winter when the plants are dormant. In the spring, summer and fall our spending for food drops considerably.

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Our budget is about $150 per week if we are careful. Before vegan, we could get away with $120. There are 7 of us but we do not shop organic and this does not include protein powder or vitamins that we buy monthly.

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I would guess about $500 per month, including things like paper towels, tissues, toothpaste, etc. We are a family of 5. I cook most dinners from scratch (few convenience foods) and my husband and school-aged child almost always bring a pack lunch to work/school. We don't eat out much. We eat a lot less organic than we used to. Trying to keep costs down.

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We have 3 kids and spend about $750 in food, including organic box every second week. Don't eat out, maybe once every 2 months. 

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500 a month for two adults and baby. I live in Canada where food is crazy expensive! $5.00 for a gallon of regular milk and $8 a lb for chicken breasts! I cook from scratch and don't buy many processed foods and limit the meat. Budget includes diapers, toilet paper, etc.
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About $350-400 for a family of 3. We eat organic and I try and make most of our meals, but luckily our Costco has been carrying a ton of Organic and even local products lately so that makes it easier to buy in bulk. In the summer we grow our own produce or buy it at the market.

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My family consists of my husband, three children ages 14, 11, 9 and me. We spend around 330 a week on food. I buy some organic but not much. I do cook most of our meals from scratch. I'd say of the 330 about 80 is on produce from a 'fancy produce place' I only buy produce that is in season. We do not eat out except for the occasional pizza made every two months. After reading everyone's post I spend a lot more then most of you. We are in central New Jersey. I'm sure location affects cost. My kids do take premade snack food in their lunches but this is food they only eat in lunches.

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About $900 a month for a family of five. We eat organic, vegan/macro, I cook a ton but we still spend a lot. In the winter we try harder, keep it down to about $800/mo. bc we have less money to spend but that is what it usually ends up to be. We're in SE Pennsylvania.
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Always love to see what others spend. We spend about 350 a month, (depends on the monthly budget, sometimes less sometimes more.) for our family of three plus a baby. We eat very little grains and no wheat, mostly protein and veggies. Wish we could afford organic right now, maybe in the future. fun thread.

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We eat all organic. Our typical month runs $900-1200 for a family of four. This includes household items, vitamins and toiletries. In Seattle.
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We typically spend about $400 - 450 for a family of 3 (plus a 20 year old who sometimes joins us).  Our budget includes some high quality supplements, bottled water and paper products.  We get lots of free (slightly imperfect) produce through my job managing a farmers' market and my husband's job at a food co-op.  We cook most things from scratch with the exception of curry pastes and Indian food that we sometimes buy.  The USDA has a chart of US average food costs. I always think I'm doing pretty well when I compare our spending to the chart, especially when you realize that the chart is mostly standard American diet with lots of cheap calories.

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About $900 for family of five. I think its the teenagers that spike us up!

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$1000 a month for a family of 6 hungry people...that figure includes all food, toiletries, cat food, litter, and beer. 

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We spend around $1,200 a month for a family of 5. That includes coffee, supplements, homeopathy, toiletries...We eat all natural and mostly organic. Avoid most dairy. I would love to bring it down to 1000. We live in Connecticut, I grew up near Seattle I would say food costs are comparable.

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We have a family of 5 (two adults, two 5yo, one breastfed baby) and we spend about $1000-1200 per month on food, if you add up groceries and anything bought outside the home (stop at the bagel shop, coffee stand, etc). We live just a touch north of Seattle. 

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80-900/month in the desert of south california for me (preggers) hubbs and 12yro son. Mostly Gaps/Wapf, mostly organic, meats are 90-95% pastured/grassfed. This included most supplements and vitamins plus toiletries to some extent. THis does include @30-100 a month for the 7 parrots (& 10 parakeets in the aviary) we live with, as I get my supplies at cost, from work.  


I do most of my shopping at a natural-ish grocer called Sprouts, and Trader Joe's. I don't generally use farmers markets as a.) they aren't held during the summer here because it's TOO stinking hot, and b.) as much as I would love to support them and my local farmers, the prices are way over what I would spend for organic foods at my local stores ;-(  If it was even close, or just SOME things were over priced I would shop the hell out them!

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We are a family of two adults, 1 4yr old and two toddlers.

We spend about 800-900 per month. That includes toiletries, laundry soap, pull-ups, coffee, etc.

We buy meat in bulk from pasterured organic beef and chicken. But then buy some fish etc from grocery store.

We eat a lot of organic dairy. Some organic veg and some conventioanl veg.

We cook a lot from scratch but also buy some processed foods. We do a frozen pizza now and again...but recently turned into once per week in between wifes night shifts.

We spend more now than we used to. But right now we have 14 month old twins, a kid in kindergarten, I work full time days out of the home and my wife recently went back to work full time 12 hour night shifts out of the home. So our cooking has become more convenience foods and our shopping lists lazier.


We are good with $800.

We live in a HCL Canadian City.

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Okay I guess we are about average though toiletries and vitamins we have budgeted as household items and eating out( the occasional cinnamon roll or pizza) we have budgeted under our eat out expense.
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For our family of four (two adults & a four- and five-year-old) we spend about $500 a month. We eat organic and almost exclusively from scratch; I get very good deals buying in bulk at our co-op. Our budget also includes supplies for our pets (litter for the cat & food for both cat and dog), and toilet paper (we use cloth everything else).


We live in a low-COL area (western NY) at the moment but our budget is actually higher now than it was when we lived in central CT, which has a much higher cost of living. Food was more expensive there but I make more of our staples from scratch than I did then.

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