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What would you never let in your house and why?

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I went out of town for a couple of days and had a great time. Left DS who is 18 here with a couple of my friends checking on him but he was alone. I left with the knowledge that certain things are not allowed in our home and, that he would not do them (no big drinking parties was the big one). My list is pretty easy. No coercion, no big drinking parties, do not mess around in the apothecary (all the herbal stuff I make.), pick up after your self, ask for help if you need it, stuff like that.


What do you never let in your house and why?

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my children are younger, so at this stage, frogs, rocks, sticks are not allowed in the house

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Originally Posted by babymommy2 View Post

my children are younger, so at this stage, frogs, rocks, sticks are not allowed in the house

Cute answer. 


My kids are in between. I don't think I have any don'ts. It's all common sense. My kids know not to bring in wet, dirty sticks, but a stick that has been carved with a knife and taken care of, sure, why not. I think they generally have enough common sense to know what is allowed and what isn't. 


I do have a concrete item though - and that is guns. Unless a police officer is literally standing in my kitchen, no guns. Not that that would happen, only guns allowed here are rifles for hunting animals, and then the licensing, carrying and storage laws are strict so it couldn't happen anyway.

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Snakes, cigarettes, and guns.


Snakes, because I'm terrified of them, even the harmless small ones. (No exceptions. Toy snakes aren't allowed, either.)


Cigarettes because they're bad for breathing, and breathing is very important. (Exceptions made for visitors who have a package of cigarettes in their purse as long as they don't take them out.)


Guns because I have no personal use for them and according to statistics my house is much safer without them than with them. (Exceptions made for uniformed police offers.)


Everything else is subject to responsible use guidelines. I have a small amount of alcohol, but the five year old can't drink it, for example. 

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Well, we have guns in our home.  Quite a few, actually (rifles, shotguns and handguns).  Three of the handguns were mine, before we were married.


Smoking, of any kind, is not allowed anywhere on our property (our most recent land purchase has brought us to over 150 acres), including, obviously, the house.  This goes for guests or any hired workers.  Sometimes people get a little annoyed by this but it is our property, our rules!


Edited to add:  DRUGS are a no-way-in-hell on our property.  I don't care if pot is legal or not (the voters in Washington state were obviously smoking it :dizzy when they went to the polls... shake.gif ).  Wine and beer are okay (when served by us), but nothing else.   


Other than smoking, anything pretty much goes.  It is about consideration regarding dirt.  Shoes are wiped on the mat and removed for inside (unless it is a worker, delivery person or elderly person).  Dirt is healthy!


When he was young, ds brought in snakes (hell, so did I!) and other creatures he caught (such as voles, gophers, shrews, frogs, snakes and lizards).  It was/is always interesting to look at these animals before releasing them back where they were captured (we have temp containers for captured critters). 


We have rescue cages, of various sizes, for injured bird rehab, as well.  Several years ago, we raised a Bohemian Waxwing from age approx. 3 days until it fledged, in an 8'x8'x8' netted, pop-up tent in our living room for a few weeks.  It was wonderful to let it fly free, when the time came!  We have done the same with quail, many songbirds, a Saw Whet Owl and an injured Osprey!

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i have tried to post on this thread many times but have not succeeded to list anything. 


considering dd is 11 years old, i cant think of anything. 


i mean i could say smoking, drugs, guns and tarantula spiders but that doesnt even need to be said as dd is against the first three and creeped out by any bugs. but she is still 11. 


dd has been alone sometimes when she was ten when she first was enjoying her independence but she decided she does not like it and so does not want to be alone anymore. 

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People that can't behave responsibly and respectfully because our home is a safe place and I won't allow anyone to make my child feel otherwise. Oh and any peanuts and shellfish due to strong allergies.
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Smoking is the main one that comes to mind.  I know there are others, but that's a big one for me.  I don't even want a smoker inside my house that smells like smoke. 

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A lit cigarette.  Illicit drugs (please keep that stuff and risk of legal seizure on your OWN property, thanks).  Now that I know what pot smells like (since I went to school with someone who worked in a dispensary last year) I really don't want that around either--it smells like a skunk farted after eating a bunch of peeps to me (sweet-stinky?).  However, I can't think of a single smoker I know who would ask to smoke in a non-smoker's house, so it's just a matter of me picking normal, polite people I guess as guests rather than "not allowing it".  Now that it's legal in my state perhaps I could tolerate someone bringing pot brownies or something as long as they were labeled and kept away from my kids--unless those reek too.  I will have to wait until someone makes some to know if my oversensitive sniffer can deal with it.


I ask that people who have CCW or other firearms don't bring them onto my property or secure them in their locked car.  This also has not been a problem, most people I know would do that anyway.


Other than that...I dunno.  I do hate it when people come over when they know they're sick, I think that's obnoxious if you don't inform the host.  Yes, the most contagious time is before you know you are, but I just don't get why people do that.  This seems to happen more with organized playdates than friends coming over, they tend to ask first/give a heads up first, but you can meet a lot of interesting people in groups.

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Guns for sure. No smoking in the house.
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