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How not to have an allergic child?

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I would love to hear your thoughts on not having an allergic child. I know about the don't sterilize every little thing and obviously don't use triclosan and anti bacterial containing soap or hand sanitizer. What other ideas do you all have for helping kids not have allergies?

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My doctor always says the science show kids who play outside, live on a farm and go do daycare have less allergies.  He also says to expose your baby to new foods early.  We are doing all of these things and so far no allergies.  I was also raised on a farm and went to daycare and have no allergies, but my sister has them.  

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There is currently a good post on this topic on http://www.phdinparenting.com
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Thank you!

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First know your germline so you know what your have been exposed to. Do not take any pharmaceutical drugs (including antibiotics) or vaccines during pregnancy, eat a clean, organic and GMO free diet, drink non fluoridated water. You need to protect your microbiome, maternal gut health is vital to pass on to offspring. Do you best to have a vaginal birth, do not allow immediate cord clamping. Breastfeed your baby for as long as your can, preferably allow for child-led weaning. DO NOT VACCINATE. Try and ensure your children live in a happy stress-free environment with plenty of sunshine and fresh air, do not be obsessive over cleanliness, ie constant hand washing, live with animals (dogs, cats etc). DO NOT EAT GMOs, drink whole, organic food, and preferably raw milk. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN TYLENOL. Tylenol Just Once a Month Raises a Child's Risk of Asthma by 540%.


I have three non allergic kids, age 23, 16 and almost 14.


ETA: I forgot probiotics, eating fermented foods is important to ensuring a healthy microbiome also.

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Don't have a husband/partner who has allergies! Children who have a parent with allergies (food, or otherwise) are 50% more likely to have an allergy themselves.

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My brother was formula fed and I was breastfed. He has allergies and I do not. Both vaxed and raised similarly. My husband has allergies and I breastfeed our four year old, no allergies. My son began solids between 10-11 months, ate what we ate, I premasticated for the immunological advantage and immune system development (this is a very interesting subject by the way).
I really believe breastfeeding helps to develop a normal immune system, and interfering as little as possible with the development of that immune system is key. We don't use ibuprofen, acetaminophen and so far have not needed antibiotics.
I am mindful of germs. We wash hands often and stay away from sick people. My primary disinfectant in the home is white vinegar.
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i really dont believe you can actually have a 'non allergic' child. genetics plays a huge role.


there are sooo many factors. where you live. 


i dont think you can put two together and say for sure you wont have a non allergic child. 


for instance my brother and i grew up in the best area possible to support no allergies. i was on formula and my brother was breastfed till he started K. we have allergies in our family. 


guess what. i am the one with no allergies (however living in a high allergy area for a number of years now i have allergies) and my brother not only had allergies but he also falls sick easily. 


however having said that i will say i prefer my child to have allergies early on - some of them so that by the time they are teens they are done with those allergies and are no longer sensitive to them. 

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