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Caribbean mama

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Hi everyone, im sunnie from the caribbean island of st.lucia. Im excited to have my bundle very soon and glad i came across this site cause sometimes i feel so alone, not knowing other mothers that i can ask questions, seek advice and just chat with. I do hope that this will be an enjoyable site experience!!!!! :bouncy

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It's nice to be able to ask questions and share tips and info! 😀 Good luck to you with your little one on the way!
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Ohyes it is Laura! Thanks. However, i do feel like an outsider...seems im the only one from the caribbean!
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Caribbean sounds amazing - I'm in Canada and it's really cold here this winter! 😉 Nice to be able to connect with other moms, even from afar!
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Real nice to be able to communicate with others knowing that we arent alone witg our experiences.
Ive got family all over canada but never been there. Love the caribbean!
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