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24/7 Parenting

Poll Results: How Many Years have you Worked At Home?

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I just wrote an article on my blog about this!  I'd love for you to see it, I am a transitioning mother of 2 (transitioning into being at home ALL THE TIME with my 1 year old and my 2.5 year old!).  I am a Director of a small non=profit organization called The Keya Foundation.

Here is an excerpt of my post.


"I’m  writing this because over the past few weeks I have had an awesome opportunity that many people never have, except for our few weeks Maternity “vacation.”  Whether it be a mother and father parenting together, a single mom, a single dad, grandparents raising the second generation, adoptive parents, foster parents or anyone that steps up to have that responsibility of being called a parent, I hope that every parent has the opportunity if only for a week to spend a solid 24 hours/7 days a week with your child at any age.  To be 24/7 parents.  This was something I was completely unfamiliar with before moving to Montana."


To read the rest if you are interested:




I love reading articles on parenting written by parents so if you have are a writer please let me know so I can check them out!  Its how I'm staying sane right!


I added a poll because I love to see how long mom's and dad's have worked from home!  Share with us what your occupation is?

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Hello justinekougl and welcome to Mothering! Please share your entire post here on the thread so it can be read here. That enriches Mothering as a resource and encourages more discussion here in the thread. :thumb

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