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Pelvic Pain

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Im due in February but have been having terrible pelvic pain for the past three months. I dont like taking drugs so have not been taking any painkillers. Are there any natural remedies that i can try?

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I highly recommend a belly support band for pregnancy.  There are quite a few different ones out there  (babybellband - see my post about varicosities for a coupon code if you need one) and "prenatal cradle" come to mind.  They can help take the pressure off of all of the ligaments involved in causing the pain.  It is possible your insurance would cover some of the cost, so you may want to go through your provider.  Also, make sure you don't have symptoms of a pubic symphysis separation, those can be very painful.

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Here in my country we dont have the support bands or cradles. I told the dr about the pain. He said its spd and prescribed painkillers which in my case dont work. The pain is excruciating but i suck it up. At times i can hear and feel the popping sensation in my hip. Im just not sure how much longer i can endure the pain. Any movement of my legs triggers pain
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Have you tried chiropractic at all?  Sometimes if something is off with the lower back it can cause problems, too. 

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Ive never tried that. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it in the week. Sometimes i can barely get out if bed!
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Has your pelvic pain gotten any better?? I am havin horrible pain on the right side. I feel for you!!! It's horrible!!
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Acupuncture! I couldn't believe how much it helped!
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