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Poll: For your first birth...how long did you push?

Poll Results: For your first birth, how long did you push?

  • 14% (72)
    Less than 10 minutes
  • 23% (116)
    10-30 minutes
  • 16% (81)
    30 minutes to an hour
  • 13% (67)
    1-2 hours
  • 19% (100)
    2-4 hours
  • 9% (46)
    4-6 hours
  • 2% (12)
    6-12 hours
  • 1% (8)
    12 hours or more
502 Total Votes  
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Having a discussion with friends I was a bit surprised at how long some of them pushed with their first birth. I have had precipitious labor with all of mine so I'm sort of an outlier and maybe contributes to my quick second stage of labor too. So I thought I'd ask all of you to see what the average is for Mothering moms. :love

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Took me an hour to get my first one out!

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I pushed for 2.5 hours. DD was OP/asynclitic when I began pushing, and finally turned during pushing. That, and the fact she was 9.5 pounds with a 15 inch head, is why I think I had to push so long. I am TRULY hoping I don't have to push that long with this one!!!

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I voted 4-6.... because i didn't push continuously while trying at home, but I'd say it was probably an hour total before I gave up and went to the hospital . My baby was in a bad position, asynclitic and I suspect OP but rotated because I had horrible back labor the whole time, and i had a swollen cervix and lip that wouldn't budge... so I pushed and pushed and nothing happened for awhile except for more pain. At the hospital I pushed pretty continuously from 4pm-7:30pm when she was born. 3.5 hours of serious pushing, an hour and a half or so with experimenting with it. hopefully next time it's like 15 minutes. I cannot do that again. I busted blood vessels in my eyes and I was sore and my face was swollen for a week, no exaggeration. I was FORCED on my back, so that probably contributed to it taking so long. If I had been upright with gravity... who knows, maybe half the time?? I had an almost 9 lb baby with a huge head (93rd percentile)

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I think it was about 45 minutes. I had a long labor though - 36 hours total.

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My first 2 children were born by emergency c-section, and I never got to the pushing stage (or even past 6cm) but my third was a VBAC, and my first vaginal birth. I pushed for less than 9 minutes. No one is sure exactly how long, because it happened so fast we didn't check the time, but the doctor said it was definitely less than 9 minutes. It was only 3 contractions of pushing. Crazy fast!!
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Twenty minutes with daughter.

Three pushes total for our son two years later. I was standing up for his birth.
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30 minutes - no epidural to slow things down. smile.gif
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3 hours.  Home water birth with lots of moving around.  There was very little pain but progress was slow, steady but slow.  His hand was up by his head which is likely what was contributing but the mw were also just letting things go at my pace, very relaxed & I didn't tear.

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2.5 hours with my first (at home, no epidural).
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I have long labors and push a long time as well. my first it was over 2 hours, my second was 1 1/2 hours and my 3rd was over 2 hours again. I'm expecting number 4 and am (stupidly) hoping it will be short and sweet this time around. wink1.gif
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Labor was 10 hours long and I pushed for 5-1/2 hours. My contractions suddenly began 1-2 minutes apart and never slowed down. It was like sprinting a marathon.

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This will sound nuts to some I am certain, but I did not push- at all with either of my daughters. My body literally expelled them from my body, and no effort was required of me other than being a part of the process. Both were vaginal, drug free midwife assisted births. 3 hours of labor for the first and then 2 hours of labor. But I did nothing but hand myself over to the process... it sounds crazy even now. But I never pushed at all.

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Birth 1: 45 minutes

Birth 2 (Twin A) Two pushes

Birth 3 (Twin B) Push and a half (should of been 1 push but the doc had me stop so she could get a grip on her she flew out so fast)

Birth 4: 2 pushes (9lb baby...big boy! It took two so I wouldn't rip)

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I pushed for a little over four hours total, 36 hour labor.  Two different two hour episodes of pushing at home and then more after I was transferred to the hospital.  Baby girl's head wasn't in the right position so I stayed stuck at 9 cm for hours.  She was finally born with the help of forceps--9 lb 15 oz.  After all that I am not convinced she needs siblings.

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6 hours in an assisted home birth.  My son failed to engage and apparently his umbilical was too short - a scant 13", and it was wrapped around his neck (from what my husband tells me).  We tried all sorts of positions, but it was sitting in a birthing stool that ultimately brought him out.  Total of 20 hours of labor.

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I pushed for 45 minutes after about 13 hours of labor.
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10 minutes right on the dot LOL
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Baby 1: 2 hours (but my contractions were spaced pretty far apart at that point, so maybe a dozen or so contractions? 15 - 20 min of actual pushing?) - I said 1-2 hrs in the poll.

Baby 2: No pushes - precipitous labor was about 2 1/2 hours and I was holding her in as the MW arrived and my next contraction she just slid right out.

Baby 3: 2 pushes (so maybe 10 minutes, 1 or 2 of which were actually pushing?) - first got him in position, second got him out.
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Three pushes. 


First one I yelled during, and was told to lay down and stop screaming - then the resident cut an episiotomy, with no warning. And my mom later voiced how she was upset I bled on her purse on the chair across the room. 


Second for the head, and third for the body. 

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