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Opposite of husbands being scared of a home birth

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How many of you had your husbands suggest home birth? My husband and I are living almost completely different lifestyle then we did when we had our daughter at 22 years. I wanted to be induced, I wanted ALL the drugs, and I put 100 percent trust in the nurses and doctors. It was the exact same with my sons birth when I was 20. 


We are still making changes to be more natural but we are getting there. There was one night where my husband came up to me after browsing through Netflix and seeing "The Business of Being Born" and suggested we watch it. I remember actually laughing at him saying women who do this are awesome but there is no way I could do it and then by the end of the documentary I thought that I could totally do it too.


I'm just curious to hear about who thought there was no way they could have a home birth but did because someone else thought they could!

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 We started out natural w/ our first & went from there. As I announced our impending 4th, Husband announced our UC plans, lol.

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Hi Annlea,


While my husband did not specifically suggest homebirth, it was one of those things where we both knew what we wanted and what the other wanted, much like wanting Chinese food for dinner ;) I am currently pregnant for the first time and knew I wanted a midwife from before I was pregnant, and homebirth went from "that would be really nice if we could have one" to "I'm having a homebirth" pretty quick. However, my husband and his siblings were all born at home so of course he is more open to the idea than first time dads with no homebirth experience might be. I am the one who is new to the idea, but it seems incredibly "right" to me and I am very much looking forward to it come July! I'm so glad you found confidence after watching The Business of Being born, I haven't seen it yet but it is on my list!


I trust doctors and nurses to do what they think is best in a given situation, but feel like birth is a totally natural, normal event belonging to the mother, whose body knows exactly what to do after thousands of years of doing so. I think that is what comforts me the most whenever I worry about feeling pain or birth being hard....I already know how to do it without drugs or doctors!

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My husband and his sister were born at home, so although he didn't bring it up first it was pretty much a given right from the start that we would be going in that direction :)  

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I had a homebirth after watching BOBB and reading Inu May books but unfourtunately no one else thought I could accomplish this or encouraged it. I did it though and so can you! My hubby now claims he knew it would be fine all along. Haha. Good luck to you! Trust in your body. Us women were created to grow and give life then sustain it. It's what we do best.
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