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Calling all lactivists!!

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Hi folks.

I hope the admins don’t object to me posting this (it's not commercial).


I’m here to give you guys the opportunity to have your breastfeeding story publicized to the masses.


Here’s the deal: every Tuesday on thealphaparent.com we feature a positive breastfeeding story. You may have heard about it, we call it Triumphant Tuesday. The site averages half a million hits per day. It also has a Facebook page with over 37,000 ‘likes’.


To have your story featured on Triumphant Tuesday, you merely have to fulfil 3 prerequisites:


1. You breastfed for several months.

2. You overcame some ‘hurdles’ (examples include mastitis, unsupportive health professionals, tongue-tie, premature birth, illness, personal health issues, etc).

3. You are able to share your story along with some photographs.


It’s as simple as that!

Message me if you would like to have a Triumphant Tuesday dedicated to you! I look forward to reading your story.

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Hi TheAlphaParent and welcome to Mothering. Generally promo posts are something you should get approval for prior to posting, even if you don't profit from them. PM me if you'd lke to network with Mothering in a more appropriate manner or email me at cynthiam@mothering.com

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