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Spotting vs. bleeding at 10 weeks

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I am almost 10 weeks pregnant (will be 10 weeks on 1/19/14) with my third baby (2 others and living and healthy) and for the first time have experienced spotting of bleeding. I went to the bathroom and noticed a small amount of pinkish blood on my underwear and when I went to wipe I Had more creamy, pinkish discharge (sorry, TMI). It continued throughout the evening, mostly a pinkish tinged, but during the night when I would wipe it was more red with some very small clots. This morning there is a small amount of brown discharge. I had some mild lower abdominal cramps in the afternoon after going to the zoo for 3 hours earlier in the day but no real cramping since. I haven't had this with either other pregnancy so it is a bit disconcerting. Wondering if anyone else had this and how it turned out or if you think I may have just overdone it. I have had one check-up but no ultrasound yet. And should I wait until Monday to see MD or what?

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Honestly I have heard it's normal to spot in the earlier stages but I wouldn't chance it. I would go see someone asap.

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It's always nice to get peace of mind. You should call your midwife (or OB) and see what they think is best.


That being said, I had bleeding (A LOT) at 5 weeks and I'm 10 weeks now and everything is going good. Spotting/bleeding can be caused by several things and does not always mean miscarriage or something bad. Good luck.

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I've spotted in all three of my pregnancies. In this most recent one (I'm 10w3d now) I had A LOT of really red spotting. Ended up going in for an ultrasound at 5w6d and saw the heartbeat. It was really reassuring. 


It's probably nothing. Bleeding is completely normal especially after sex or a bowel movement. It's always nice to get reassurance though. I don't normally do ultrasounds, but I think it was worth it to stop the worrying. 

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I did a whole lot of activity around 12 weeks and started spotting similarly, and then it turned into full fledged bleeding and spotting for the next 6 weeks.

Turned out I had a very low lying placenta, 2 cm from my cervix. I was ordered on pelvic rest and "hey, take it easy" activity and it stopped.

We did some follow-up ultrasounds to see if it had moved up (the majority of low lying placentas do) but it hadn't. It's not much of a concern, though, because it's far enough away from my cervix.

I'm 40 weeks now.
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