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Anyone else taking a very relaxed approach to pregnancy?

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This is my 3rd and I just don't want to get all worked up over everything! I will have questions and want to commiserate but not WORRY. I had a home/water birth VBAC with my last and will probably do the same this time. I will use a different midwife and I have 2 interviews scheduled for the coming week. I won't be getting any betas drawn, no early ultrasounds and possibly none at all. I don't know anyone else in the same boat. Just pregnant and just fine anyone?
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I so want to be this way!  I told myself before we conceived that I wouldn't worry this time around, I would just be chill. But, alas, I have struggled with worry and find myself getting anxious over little things.  For me, I think that part of the hormonal changes make me very prone to anxiety just as I am extremely emotionally sensitive (crying over stupid things, etc).

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I do understand. I have anxiety all the time so maybe I just have practice coping. I just get kind of jumpy. But if I allow myself to start worrying about pregnancy it's like opening the floodgates!
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I am a wreck for the first trimester and then I typically take a relaxed approach. My last baby was a water home birth too.  Have no clue where this one will be born.  I would love to have a home birth but not sure I want to at my parents house.  I will be in Qatar till I am 30 weeks and then going to Southern California to have the baby.  I am leaning towards a birth center but not sure.  Might still have a homebirth.  So confused what is best. 

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We will do one US at 20 weeks and really nothing else. It just doesn't tell me anything I would really need to know. I think tests creat unnessicary concern and excuse to intervene when not really needed. Plus we've had three others with out the need.
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Yep! I'm feeling this way too... Why worry if there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it?! I had my first midwife appt today at 9 weeks. Planning my third home/ water birth. I would've been fine waiting until 20 weeks to see her but this is my first birth with her (we moved) and she's a newly licensed midwife (still very experienced). No ultrasounds or Doppler unless medically necessary and I feel great about it!
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I'm there. I wanted (and got) an early u/s but not because I was worried, because I will probably need to tell my boss way earlier than I would like and I wanted to make sure there was a reason to go ahead and tell him. I had thought (for completely baseless reasons) that I would loose this one, but I wasn't "worried". I must admit that I am partly chill because I have a hard time bonding during pregnancy. It always feels abstract to me even when I am huge at the end. I am planning a homebirth (i have already found my MW) and if I end up having to transfer to
a Hosptial I am not worried about it. I will do the Doppler at prenantal visits, not because of worry, but for the pure fun of it. I do dread the morning sickness though. I've had it bad in the past, but again, this is not "worry".
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I am taking a much less vigilant approach this time. Last time I had an underlying anxiety situation going on. I have dealt with it and am going into this pregnancy armed with tools. I am trying to trust my body, trust God, trust the process... No more googling every symptom that I ever had.
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I'm feeling pretty zen this go around, although I have really wonderful pregnancies, and just trust that the universe and my body are in alignment!  Since I'm 36, I'm going back and forth about whether or not to get any testing done...I will have the 20 wk ultrasound...for me that part of being prepared is important.  Having a large family, it's not just me and a baby to be concerned about, it's three other children and a husband, kwim?  I do have all of the 'normal' concerns every mother has, but am def not obsessing.  Staying active really helps me in that area..walking with the kids, yoga, cooking, reading.  Here's to peaceful pregnancies, mamas!

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Mostly there with all you relaxed ladies, except I am a nervous nellie alternating with feeling like it's not real because I have no symptoms right now or like that means something bad. So I buy dollar tests and when I see the line so fast and dark, I go, "Ok, so far so good," and quit thinking I must not actually be pg, for about a day. But I didn't have any tests or ultrasounds at 37 with my last one, and don't plan on having any this time, even though I am tempted to want to know the gender ahead of time.

I'm going to be 41 when this one is born, and somehow that doesn't scare me a bit. My grandmother was nearly 40 when she had my mother, and I have friends who had one in their 40s without a hitch. Problems can happen, but I think the risk of being over one age or another is a bit overblown, and unnecessary interventions carry additional risks, so calling for a larger number of interventions just because of an age setpoint, could set up a self-fulfilling prophecy, KWIM?

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I've had previous losses, so there is a niggling concern in the back of my mind, but overall, I tend to take a very laid back and hands off approach to pregnancy.  I had one very medicalized pregnancy with my now 5 year old, and I sometimes worry that all of those interventions- surfactants for the lungs, drugs to stop labor, BFPs every day for weeks... I don't know.  My son is autistic.  I know he would probably have been the person he is no matter what, but there are moments when I question allowing all of those interventions.  I had severe polyhydramnios with him, and I developed a high amniotic leak at 29 weeks.  It resealed itself, and sometimes I wonder if I should just have allowed my body to do what it knew to do to begin with. 

This time, I know to trust my body, at least through pregnancy.  Delivery may be another issue, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. 

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