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Hey, all! I'll be moving to Cincy in June. Grew up there and am headed back for graduate school. I am looking for secular homeschooling families, crunchy families, and any and all naturopath/crunchy-friendly doctor recommendations.

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I know there's some distance but I live in Springfield but am having my baby in Dayton at Miami Valley Hospital.  They have the state's only accredited natural birth center there.  (We were scheduled to deliver our last baby there but my water broke before 37 weeks, which is the minimum for delivering there.)  There are 2 primary practices that deliver there - Dr. Guy's practice, who has 3 ob's I think and several midwives and a Dr. Horlocher's practice who I really don't know much about but people seem to like them both equally.  


The hospital is about 40 mins from me.  Not sure what the distance would be from Cinci, depending on where you are.  If you want to PM me your fb info I'm also on a few crunchy Mama fb pages in the sw Ohio area.  Good luck on your move!!  Hope you didn't move anywhere warm because the weather SUUUUUUCKS right now  ;)  

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I live in Cinci!!! We use Dr Fabrey, hes a holistic dr who sees our whole family. Ive also heard great things about Dr Cole.

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Thanks to both of you!


SuperMiller, good luck on your upcoming birth! I'm happily done having babies. :bgbounce Springfield is only about 1.5hr away, though, so it's not that bad! We're moving from sunny, Mediterranean Jerusalem, so I'm happy we won't be heading back to Cincy until June. I cannot imagine going from Jerusalem (currently 68 and bright sunshine) to what y'all have.


Irielyn, yay! I'm so glad there are holistic docs in Cincy, and ones people can recommend. What is the crunchy scene like in Cincy? Last time I lived there, I was a kid, so I couldn't have cared less about mothers' groups or homeschool co-ops or anything like that.

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The crunchy scene here is pretty small but theres a group of us if you know where to look. We frequent the museum, zoo, aquarium and a place called the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center you would enjoy with your kiddos! And of course we have alot of awesome parks near by. What part are you moving too?(if you dont mind me asking)  Im not quite yet a homeschooling Mama but know that they have a yahoo group you can search for.

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Mason seems to be the "crunchiest" part of the Cinci area!

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Also, Northside is pretty eclectic and Hyde Park is where I try to go to LLL meetings and its where Ive met some like minded Mamas. You should join us!


Hi Marlene! hola.gifIts Jess here! Marlene is also a wonderful local midwife!

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There's a few local Facebook groups that are quite active... And the CFEC is a great place to start and meet people.

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Hi Jess! Nice to "see" you here!
but to OP, I forgot to mention "The New School" Montessori in North Avondale. And "The Childrens Meeting House" in Loveland. 

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Hi I am in Cincinnati! We actually have an active secular homeschooling group here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/309286149126286/

We also have a ton of LLL groups to choose from and we have a few Breastfeeding USA groups. 

We have a very active homebirth community as well. T

As for provider recommendations, I highly recommend Maria Hoeffer who is a naturopath. 

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