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Pregnant on mini pill!!

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I have 9 month old twin boys and was on the mini pill because I am still breastfeeding and because I suffered a blood clot in my abdomen from my twin pregnancy. I am completely shocked to be pregnant as my dr told me that if I took the pill at the same time every day it was 99.99% effective. I have had really bad morning sickness and it has been a struggle to care for my boys while I feel so crappy. I would love to hear from other moms who are raising little ones while pregnant because I could use some encouragement!
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I didn't end up pregnant while on the mini pill, but that's probably only because I get a cramp on one side or the other each month and *know* I am ovulating. I can personally atest that I did in fact regularly ovulate while on the mini pill.

Do you have any family or friends near by that can help care for your twins while you rest and take care of yourself?
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@3LilChunklins thanks for your response! I had no idea I was still ovulating, I still don't know exactly how the mini pill prevents pregnancy. Oh well I'm just the 1% or whatever who can get pregnant on the mini pill :/.

I have family that lives nearby but they are all so busy with their own stuff that its hard to get a hold of them
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That's really tough. I'm sure you'll get through this tho! Maybe try to baby proof the living room *really* good and gate it up so the twins can't escape and then rest on the couch as much as possible.
And remember by the time you make it to your 2nd trimester you should be feeling much better.
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Thank you!! I have heard of this wonderl 2nd tri where morning sickness disappears, I didn't experience it with my twin pregnancy (I was sick the entire time :(   )  so I'm excited to watch my morning sickness fade this time. I have been drinking Braggs vinegar and water and that had been alleviating some of the nausea and vomiting so I am able to function a bit better. 

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That's me. I was on the mini pill for 3-1/2 years to keep my endometriosis at bay. We're supposed to be subfertile for several reasons anyway. But missed my period in December and had a shock, ours for the opposite reason as yours - my girls are almost 7, & 9 ... we were done.
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Yeah I was supposed to have had uterine polyps that I would have had to have removed before I would ever have gotten pregnant, according to my Dr. But low and behold I got pregnant, with twins! Sometimes I wonder how much doctors really know.

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Mmmhmm.. educated idiots!
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I hate that Dr's use statistics that are on "best use" protocol. Best use really only comes in after a year of use and if the perfect weight and the perfect timing and sometimes other factors. The pill is only about 96% reliable and this number can go down with a higher weight and taking it within a time frame and not the same time every day. Look up actual statistics on birth control methods. The only method that is 100% reliable is abstinence ;) I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I got pregnant with my first on the regular pill. My Dr at the time couldn't believe such a thing could possibly happen... He was really and truly shocked...

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I'm sorry the pill didn't work for you. From uptodate.com:


" Progestin only pills are as effective as combination pills when taken at the same time every day, but there is a slightly higher failure rate of the mini pill if the woman is more than three hours late in taking it. A back up method of birth control should be used for seven days if a pill is forgotten or taken more than three hours late."


"Although the failure rate is 0.1 percent when pills are taken perfectly (same time every day, no missed pills), the actual failure rate is 9 percent over the first year, due primarily to missed pills or forgetting to restart the pill after the seven-day pill-free interval."

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Yeah I took it at the same time every day and I researched ways to have the highest effectiveness possible, but I just seem to be fertile mertyl. I know people that have been on the mini pill for years and never got pregnant and people who get on the pill, combination or otherwise and get pregnant. It seems to just be on a case by case basis, but I definitely am not going to rely on the pill for birth control again

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My twins are older (2 1/2 now), but I'm finding this pregnancy is kicking me in the head. I can't imagine it when they were under a year old. But I will say that things get a little easier around a year. And remember that keeping all of you alive for the day is an accomplishment at this stage. Everything else is gravy.


Can you get someone in to help a little? Even a high-schooler who could fold laundry or distract the boys for a little while?

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Thank you so much just for acknowledging how difficult it all is. I feel like family/friends think I'm overreacting and exaggerating and it's tiring trying to push through when I want to pass out. Lol
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