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Thoughts on "Low Amniotic Fluid"?

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I am 38, and 37.5 weeks pregnant with #3.  Both of my first births were natural and complication free.  This pregnancy, perhaps due to my age, I feel like my OB has been super conservative with my prenatal care.  I had an early blood test called a PAPP A come back slightly negative, and an ultrasound showed that I have a "compromised umbilical cord."  Due to these factors, I have had NST's since 32 weeks.  All the NST's have been great, I feel fine and feel the baby move all the time.  Last week, my OB checked my amniotic fluid level via ultrasound.  This has not been done in either of my other pregnancies- I didn't have any ultrasounds past 20 weeks.  She said my fluid level was a 7, which is borderline, and I should rest and drink lots of fluids.  Then she mentioned that if is still low on Monday, she might recommend induction.  


Does anyone have experience with these things?  We have none, and our basic internet research shows that not much is known about amniotic fluid levels and what is normal.  My husband would like to avoid induction at all costs, and has even started to look at home birth options in our area.  What would a midwife say about this?  What would they do??

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I would talk to your OB again before trying to run in fear of an induction. If she knows you really want to avoid an induction, hopefully you can work together to find a solution that's satisfactory to both of you. Also, she may be able to give you a better explanation of why she finds your fluid level concerning, and give her take/experience on the research. 

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My understanding is that low amniotic fluid is one of those flimsy grey areas (like "failure to progress") where they use it to justify aggressive intervention, often for nothing.

Personally I only do one u/s in the middle where it's least risky and would not do one past 28 weeks for fear of getting assigned some number and being forced into an unnecessary c-section.

As for what I've heard about low fluid, I know one woman who was told she hadn't fluid at a late ultrasound and was told she had to get a c-section right away, which she did and which didn't bother her, but it would have really bothered me!
I know of another woman who was planning a hb and had no complications and went for a late us around her dd and they wouldn't let her leave the clinic (she was literally forced to stay there) and she was transferred o hospital and sectioned and was pretty traumatized by it for a long time after.

For me I guess I could have low fluid but no one would ever know as I won't do the test. I am not at all worried about "low fluid".

Also, here's a really cool post on low fluid from a renegade birth attendant:


I wouldn't feel bad about switching care providers and flatly refusing more us. If you feel you should do more us drink a ton of water first, as apparently low fluid is often a cause of it. Also, I wouldn't feel at all bad about not telling a new care provider about the issue, as many mw will either refuse to help you or will push you around.

Good luck, that's a tough one.
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I agree.  They told me this with my first and scared us into an induction and it was a traumatic birth, we almost lost my son.  AND, whaddaya know, when they broke my water there was PLENTY in there!

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So after two days of lots of rest and hydration, I went back to my OB and my fluid level is now measuring at a 10.  This confirmed what most of my support team had told me over the past few days, that hydration has a lot to do with the amniotic fluid level, especially if everything is normal and there is not a leak.  


I also took the opportunity to talk to my OB and reinforce our vision of a natural and intervention free birth, unless medically necessary.  It felt like a good conversation, and like I had probably overreacted and gotten a little freaked out when my OB even mentioned the word "induction."  I left the appointment feeling good, and like we were on the same page in terms of what my wishes are for my birth.  A little communication goes a long way!

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Excellent, glad you got some good results out of the incident. 

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Very happy that the pressure is off.

I'm also a little disturbed that drinking extra water can prevent major surgery
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