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Turning the corner? Hopefully?

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I've been miserably without energy and with a ton of nausea/bloating the past 5+ weeks.  The past few days, I've noticed that I'm not as bad.  **knock on wood**  In previous experiences the second trimester was a magic lightswitch, and I'm sooooo hoping that that's the case for me again - anybody else past 11 weeks and hoping for the light at the end of the 1st trimester tunnel?

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I'm 10 weeks and have started to feel like myself again. I've cleaned and even organized my closets this weekend! :wink 


It feels so nice to have energy back... Yesss. 

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10 weeks and definitely feeling a bit better though still under the weather some days.
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A little over 10 weeks and was feeling quite a bit better (besides sciatica) until last night when I got slammed with nausea. Oy. I hope this corner turns quick!
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I'm 10 weeks but just got hit with a shitty head cold so I can't tell!
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10 weeks today, first week of actually sleeping some (hubby going out of town for 2 weeks though, so that might be short lived) and suddenly feeling like this is okay and we can do this!!!  it's totally like a switch has been turned.  


appetite is INSANE.  spent last night at bedtime (catching up on Downtown) dreaming about sushi rolls.  and couldn't stop talking about them.  ended up w/ gluten-free bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon.  waking up at night and getting a snack too.


ate a ton this morning, and again at lunch.  and feeling really good about it.  planning cleaning projects, cooking projects, packing projects (and did clean out my closet this week and put away things) so there is a definite shift.


here's for it being THE shift!!!

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I've also been feeling better for about a week, since the start of week 10.


It's wonderful to hear you ladies speak of it, because honestly it's been giving me quite a lot of anxiety! I've been having a little less bloating too, which has made my bump largely disappear -- I have a retroverted uterus so I suppose it's hiding out in there. 


It's pretty funny when you kinda want to feel like crap so you know everything's okay. Ha! Good to know this is likely a normal progression into the next phase. Thanks for sharing!

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I'm just under 10 weeks, but I've noticed that things are getting a bit better. My dizziness and exhaustion seemed to get better when I started taking Floradix daily (though I stopped again when my iron got high enough), but the nausea has gotten a lot better over the last few days. Still can't eat a ton and still have some major aversions, but I'm starting to feel like myself again! 

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I am 10.5 weeks and I am starting to feel like I'm past the peak of morning sickness. Haven't barfed in five days!! Still feel pretty sick and miserable and the food aversions have me limited to apples and rice cakes and miso soup, but at least I can drink water again!!! I think ill just keep getting better bit by tiny bit. Wish it would be way better way faster, but I'll sure take this over how I felt last week!!!
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