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Carseat quandry

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Our parents are helping to provide some of the needed bigger-ticket items since we're on a tight budget (terrible healthcare year for us last year, and now we need a car repair + a new water heater) and hadn't saved for a surprise.  So I'm trying to figure out what to ask for.  We cosleep/tandem the first 6-12 months, so we're going with a Pack & Play like we had success with last time.  But I'm stymied on the car situation.  DH is a SAHD and will continue for at least a while with this one.  He is a BIG guy - like over 6' and over 300lb football player build big - so carriers have never been something he's comfortable with.  Last time, we tried several slings, wraps, a Moby, an Ergo, a MeiTei ... nothing felt right to him, he just hand-toted our kiddos.  So if it was ME staying home, I would go with a convertible carseat and slings.  But with him being the primary at-home toter of kiddos, which will include shuttling the two bigger girls this time around & probably more vehicle time than before, I'm thinking we might still need to do an infant carrier + a later convertible.  I just hate to spend money on two systems when one could technically do.  Thoughts?

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((and all of my wondering/researching is to keep my mind off getting the Panorama results AND telling my boss this upcoming week ... I need to tell her Tuesday afternoon & hope to hell to have my results beforehand))  Help me distract myself?

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I would think if there would be a lot of car seat time, then a convertible would be best, since not all babies are comfy in the infant seat. Just to reduce on possible car-crying time.
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What about a plus size infant kinder pack?
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Thanks mama, but we aren't looking for carrier suggestions. We spent about $500 last time looking for one that would wear comfortably for him and just never found one so that discussion is over.
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Oops thought when you said infant carrier that's what you were looking for. Car seats... We really liked having the infant seat with the snap n go stroller base. You can get a cheaper infant car seat and find a used stroller base real cheap
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I miswrote, meant the baby bucket carseat that they outgrow so fast.
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With our first we transitioned from the bucket seat to the convertible pretty early as the combination of seat plus baby got heavy for me.  With our second, I delayed the transition as long as I could.  I liked being able to have her contained in the seat while I helped our older child with 2 hands.  Since weight won't be an issue for your husband, I think it would really help him to have the bucket seat.  He can set it down and know the baby is safely contained while he handles the older children.  They make higher height and weight bucket seats.  Most women find them too heavy, but they may be a good fit for you.  Our second didn't max out the height on ours until a little after a year and she was 97th percentile for height.  The weight limit for us is a joke, our oldest daughter didn't reach the weight limit for the bucket until she was 27 months, I think it was.  With boys, it might be different, but I doubt it would be a lot different.


ETA: I should also add, that you can turn the bucket seat in for a discount on the next seat at some places, so the extra cost can be minimized.

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We were debating the same thing because we hate wasting money on short term conveniences, but the bucket seat was REALLY useful with our son who loved to fall asleep 5 minutes from home every single time. Not having to wake him by pulling him out of the seat was awesome.

Anyway, then I walked into Target last week and they had a Graco Travel System (bucket seat and stroller) AND a Britax Marathon convertible seat both on clearance (discontinued fabric patterns) so we bought BOTH for less than the original cost of the travel system. Lucky me!

Anyway, I think we would have ultimately ended up with both anyway.
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Our baby bucket works for our kids until a good 18 mo. Dd4 will be two in may, and she still fits. So, you can definitely find.one that goes to a higher range. If he can't wear the baby, and he will have two others to watch, I wouldn't skip the bucket. It's too hard to hold a little baby one handed and deal with little.people all the time.
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