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Anyone else suffering from this? I recently had laproscopic surgery to have a large cyst removed and was diagnosed with endo after the dr. discovered it was a chocolate cyst and that I actually had more all over my ovaries. He told me they will keep returning and my options are birth control pills, which he doesnt think will be strong enough for my case, or 2 different levels of a depo shot (one of which will essentially put me through an early menopause complete with all the lovely symptoms) or a hysterectomy :/ I'm not ready for any of these options, I still want to be able to have more kids one day (maybe) and want my hormones to remain that of a 32 year old womens.

I'm thinking of going to a natruopathic dr for an opinion on natural treatments I can try, does anyone have experience with that? Also I am already eliminating gluten and dairy and only eat organic meat and produce, is there other things I can do? Supplements that will help?

Any advice would be much appreciated :)

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Anyone else out there have any advice?
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