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Blanket storage ideas?

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I need some help brainstorming an idea for keeping blankets in a aesthetic way.  See, since my DD was a baby, my DP has been sleeping (a-hem) on the living room floor.  On a foam mat that lives under the couch.  At this point, we can't really think of a way to solve the sleeping on the floor issue, since we only have one bedroom, and he and my daughter just don't do well sleeping in the same room.  SO.  We have two big comforters, a blanket, and two pillows stacked up on the side of our very tiny TV room all day.  It looks dumb and makes me embarrassed.  I'm hoping to find some way to store the blankets that is cheap, but ends up with some sort of attractive product that serves another function - like using the blankets to stuff a big floor pillow or something.  But I haven't had much luck finding products that will work within my price range, and I am absolutely not crafty enough to make something.  There are always so many good, creative ideas here, so I was hoping someone might have a suggestion...or even a specific product to recommend.  Thanks in advance!

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Maybe an ottoman with storage. I think Target has some pretty cheap: http://www.target.com/p/square-storage-ottoman-navy/-/A-14516287#prodSlot=medium_1_2 .

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We store quilts and blankets in a wicker trunk, I painted it and made it all pretty and we use it for a side table. Double duty!

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