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Baby already dropped?

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I saw my mw a couple days ago at 34w2d and she said the baby already dropped and is very low. I'm not too surprised because I'm pretty sure I felt it happen about a week before but I'm a bit worried because its my 2nd and I heard many women don't drop with their second until right before, or even during, labour. I read up more on it and apparently with the first the earlier ones drop around 4 weeks before. My last was born at 41w2d so I was kind of expecting a repeat. My mw told me to be fully prepared for it to happen at 37 weeks! So confused. Does this mean ill go early? I don't want to. I'm giving birth 2 hours away and rented a cabin for 2 weeks starting on my due date because I'm not spending money that ill need for mat leave to rent a cabin for 5 weeks, which is very expensive. If I go before the due date I have to drive for 2 hours while looking for accommodation.

Am I being paranoid? Any suggestions?
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My baby #2 dropped a few weeks before delivery, she was a 38 weeker. This one is low and ready as well I'd be surprised if I made it anywhere near my "due date" that being said my #1 was a 37 weeker.
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Wow that's early for both. Good to know that baby can drop a few weeks before. I guess it isn't a strong predictor of labour. Thanks
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I've had coworkers say they think my baby has dropped, but I don't feel like I know how to tell.  I figured I'm going to be just as ready now as I will be in 3-4 weeks (which means I HAVE things to keep a baby alive and warm but I'm not feeling mentally prepared - my sister says that's expected).  This is also the point where I am realizing I probably should have been doing my stretches more often!  Babies still come out whether I'm ready or not I suppose :)    

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I don't know if baby is engaged, but he is certainly very low.  I read that it can happen any time, and is not any kind of predictor of when labor will start.  I know it has been nice to be a little less short of breath and have  a little less heartburn!

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I don't really know how to tell. Some days it feels like he is lower than others. I guess he probably has not dropped. My midwife said he is still switching from side to side--head down, but sometimes his feet are in my right side and sometimes in my left. As long as his head stays down I guess I'm okay. 

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I'm on baby #5 and my dr confirmed that baby girl was down and engaged at my 38week appointment last week. I have felt like she had dropped by my 36week appointment. I didn't feel like I dropped this early with my previous pregnancies. We shall see...
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