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Hello everyone,

I'm a new member here. I was attracted by a thread about mama cloth recommendations and I would love to meet other moms and talk about other 'natural' parenting topics. I'm the mother of a joyous, curious 14 month old. I work very part time to spend more time with him. I'm hoping to get into graduate school soon. I want to get a Master's in Special Ed. so I can work as a reading specialist. 


My son is in cloth diapers and I've been using mama cloths since before they were called that. He's still breastfeed and I make all of his solid food from scratch, some organic produce, all organic dairy. He has some digestive issues that have had him seeing a GI since he was about 4 months old. We're hoping he'll outgrow them soon since if he doesn't he'll have to have an endoscopy. His new GI strongly suggested we start him seeing a feeding team too but I'm not sure about that. He's healthy except of that. He's never had a virus or fever. He's also a very health weight and tall for his age. It's rare for a baby who has as severe digestive issues as he does to not have weight issues. So I try to focus on that. 


I wear him a lot. Less now that he's been walking for a few months but whenever he's not feeling well, tired or we go for a walk he wants to be worn. He does not like his stroller which is fine with me. I love having him close, especially when it's cold like it is now. 


He's always loved music since he was a newborn and even more when I sing to him. I get lots of kids music from the library and if we both like it we buy it. He's got quite a collection by now. I've been getting into making toys for him recently and I'm always up for new ideas. I wouldn't call myself super crafty but I am a bit. That's all I can think of in way of introducing myself. Anyone who is in the area or wants to talk about anything I brought up reach out to me. We can never have too much parenting support or any kind of support for that matter. 


Take care,


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Hi and welcome!
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