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8 month old, naps 45 minutes still

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Hi all,
I keep wondering how much to worry about my 8 month olds nap routine. He naps 2-3 times a day and for the most part, only for 45 minutes at a time. He's a happy boy and I had him falling asleep on his own in his crib for naps, with me just staying in the room until he was asleep. In recent weeks, he's cut three teeth in a row so there were days I was nursing him to sleep as nothing else seemed to work to get him down. No other teeth seem imminent so I'm working on getting him back to fall asleep on his own (I know nursing to sleep isn't the end of the world but I know he can do it, I'm guessing this is important for him to be able to eventually get himself back to sleep, and in a few months, I return to work and grandparents will be putting him down for naps, so he needs to be able to do it without milk). I'm suspecting that when he gets to the end of a sleep cycle, he just wakes up rather than getting himself back to sleep for another cycle. He often seems content with the short nap int he morning but in the afternoon, he seems tired. I always nurse him upon waking and he very often falls asleep in my arms as he nurses. There are days he sleeps another 30 minutes, and other days 1 1/2 hours more. My older one naps around then too so I just enjoy the quiet and keep him in my arms. I've had no success putting him back in his crib at this point, no matter when I do it.
I've snuck in his room before he's about to wake to be right there to settle him back down. Honestly, he doesn't stir before waking. He goes from asleep to sitting up in two seconds. I've read about nap intruder a bit online. They seem to be talking about younger babies and I'm not sure it would work with his age. They seem to talk a lot about CIO as part of this strategy, which is not something I'm willing to do.
So I'm debating whether I should just accept that this is his way, or if I need to be a little more assertive in helping somehow...not sure how either. I'm guessing he needs more sleep since he does sleep a lot more in the afternoons. It would be REALLY nice if he didn't have to do this in my arms though.
Any suggestions or experiences would be great. Tia
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Anyone have any advice for this mama?
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I would try cutting it down to two naps a day see if that helps.
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My Lo was the same way until just one day went down to two naps and now at 16 months she has gone down to 1 2-3 hrs long nap in the middle of the day. As long as your baby is happy I wouldn't worry. Like we know, all babies are different smile.gif.
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I think my kids sleep way less than is normal, but I remember by a year they were both down to one mid-day nap. Also, by 2 they had given up napping entirely. My daughter quit her naps around 21 months. It was clear that she would be really tired by about 6 pm, but I still preferred to just keep her up until at least 7 or 8, then she would fall asleep immediately and sleep 11 hours straight. If she had even a 30 minute power nap, odds were good she'd be up until 11 pm. Also, I will say that I don't think in my son's entire life he ever slept more than 45 minutes without being held. Now he's 4, sleeps 10 hours straight at night, is happy, well-adjusted, and sleeps like the dead. You could practically pick him up by an arm and a leg and he wouldn't notice, he sleeps so deeply. Anyway, I don't think you really need to worry too much about how or how much your baby sleeps, as long as he seems like he's thriving overall. If you are  interested in him sleeping longer, however, I recommend The No Cry Sleep Solution which is both helpful and does not advocate crying-it-out at all.

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