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What are your top areas to baby/toddler proof?

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My second daughter is so amazingly different than my first, and I am finding that I am having to baby/toddler proof  A LOT more.  In addition to the under counter chemical/soap kind of stuff, I am also having to figure out cords, oven, toilet....


Its a little intimidating!


What are your top areas to have to baby proof?  And how do you do it? 

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My daughter needed A LOT of baby proofing! Now that she's 26 months, it's much less of an issue. But I was shocked when we were visiting friends and their son (about 3 months older than our daughter) would play with toys next to computer cords, laptops, piles of mail stacked on the coffee table, remote controls, etc... All this stuff would have been in my daughter's mouth or knocked over/played with. She also would climb on furniture and roll off, or push chairs around and fall over, so we had to think about that too! We had a gate enclosure set up in a safe area of our living room from about 6 months to 14 months or so. We still have gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Lots of objects needed to be moved up and out of the way so that she would not grab them. Our house is tiny and the kitchen has open spaces instead of cabinets, which was a HUGE pain because she would be in there grabbing everything and my husband has not had time to take on the project of remodeling the kitchen. So we had to do reorganizing there, too. Now she is less interested in all that stuff, but still very curious and exploratory with objects. It's interesting how each kid is different!


Another random note - if your baby seems very mobile and sleeps in a crib, and you're concerned about her climbing out at some point, sleep sacks (we have a Woolino one) are a great way to discourage climbing in the crib. They are also super cozy. My daughter loves hers.

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See, my older daughter was like your friends' child. She just didn't get into stuff. lol.gif so this is all new.
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I loved our safety first outlet covers. They cover the outlet with stuff plugged in, unlike the ones you use to plug up empty sockets. My daughter always wanted to unPlug stuff, so these were great. And also - I always have to give a shout out to climb-proof gates. My DD lost two teeth climbing up a lattice type gate.
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Our DD was just under 2 when we moved into our current house, and the fireplace here just turns on with the flip of a wall switch! (In our old house, you had to hold a match near the gas outlet while turning a removable key.) So we were happy to find a switch cover that makes it so you have to hold down a button in a particular way while flipping the switch, to make the fireplace baby proof.

Other than that I guess it was the usual -- stairs, cabinets holding chemicals, earthquake straps for tall things like bookshelves, and outlet covers.

Neither of my kids have been the "get into everything" type though, so I'm sure we've had it easy in this area.
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I've approached everything from a Montessori perspective so almost no babyproofing here.  DD does love to get into trouble but it's different because she's had access to everything so it's not exciting to touch the off limits stuff.  She climbs, and has fallen and learned what not to climb or to do so more cautiously. Only thing we have is a baby gate at the top of the open basement stairs, not because I worry about her going up and down but because I want her to stay on the same floor as me.  I used to have spots in all my cabinets for her things until she got her own kitchen set that's in the room now.   She's always helped me to clean and knows where to get the stuff, although we don't use chemical cleaners so it's not an issue if she opens something - it's probably just a vinegar mix anyways!  I like this approach much more than the gadgets that I can't for the life of me figure out how to use at other peoples houses.

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My dd is 20 months old and she gets into everything. We bungie the legs of the kitchen chairs together under the table to prevent her from pushing them around to climb onto things. We have removed the handles from drawers as she will use them to rock climb. Also we have a strap around the fridge that we can use to keep her out when needed smile.gif. She really keeps me hopping.
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