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New baby due just before flu season. DO NOT want to vax but scared. - Page 2

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Serenbat, I love your warm water thermos suggestion. What a great idea!

I have older, school aged, kids and a new baby who was born in late September, too. I do worry some about what they might be bringing in, but as others have said, I just focus on boosting their health as much as possible and making sure they wash hands when they come home, etc.

We use baby wipes (though i am excited to try a less wasteful alternative) and wipe down cart handles etc when we're out, and little kid paws as well.
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Originally Posted by 3LilChunklins View Post

SereneBat had suggested swishing, I believe this is for children who don't quite grasp the concept of gargling. Viruses, namely the flu proliferate in the back of the throat, so by gargling warm salt water regularly keeps sickness at bay.


Thanks that was a much better explanation.:) I am curious though, would swishing really do any good? I'm pretty sure my sd wouldn't be able to gargle. She is almost 11 so she could learn I'm sure but I think I would be fighting a battle every night to get her to try. Even I have trouble gargling salt water. I makes me gag, making it very difficult to keep it in the back of my throat:-/

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Originally Posted by livysmom2013 View Post

I believe it is because Salt water is a good cleanser for a few reasons. One, while it does not necessarily kill bacteria, it draws moisture out of bacteria. Two, it creates a salty environment which is hard for bacteria to live in (think of how they used to salt raw meat in the old days to prevent it from spoiling). And three, as with any liquid I suppose, it physically flushes out the back of the throat, sinus cavities, etc. when you gargle with it. I could be wrong but I have heard these are the reasons. 

YES, and my DS is 6 so he isn't that great at gargling for his age but he does try, I feel the salt water even swished around is better vs nothing being done!


I wanted to add - if you don't use nail brushed those are also a good habit to get into - we are not purists we have the cute little PLASTIC frog one.


With the thermos bottles, they can be addictive! We live where the power can go out and I am a massing a collection - the old green ones (very large industrial ones that were taken to construction sites, etc) are $$$$ but sometimes you can find them, the hold a lot. We also use them for coffee when we travel and they keep for HOURS! They are also great if you are doing a large meal and want even tea or coffee for a larger crowd vs making pot after pot. We also have an old ice chest (they used fiberglass in them but it doesn't touch your food) and we keep that in the car in the summer it WORKS unlike those plastic things that don't keep stuff cold! In my cooler I use water balloons frozen, a lot better than ice, less mess, they freeze well and use space in a freezer so you don't have air pockets, I pop them into my cooler and when they defrost you have water for plants or for fun…….my whole point being - Again, I'm not a purist, we do use a "clean" water bottle, stainless but for other things I do use other things. Old sometimes isn't bad - they remade this cooler but the old ones because of the fiberglass are off the market - if you get one that does not leak, you also are not having it leach in, it really works and why toss it to the landfill is my view. - http://www.coleman.com/Products/8501 these prices are crazy (IMO) but sometimes you can find these for $10.00

I heard this a few days ago - http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=262192423

We are not out in the bush or in the deeps of the jungle and what we face maybe is worse (drippy bacteria chicken at the grocery store, dirt that is filled with oil and gas, etc) but when you think about things maybe as a society we have become too HYPER clean and not in a good way - YES it's important but we need balance too. Do what you can but don't go nuts - IMO :bgbounce


I would ditch the antibacterial soap - some people DO want it - donate it, my local shelter isn't a purist place, they take stuff like that.


AND while I am really OT on this (sorry) I want to plug something else we have fallen in love with - these things - they get tossed in the wash weekly and they are worth the price - I was given one and bought more on line - http://www.amazon.com/ScandinavianShoppe-207Y-Swedish-Dishcloth-Yellow/dp/B00CMQZ4LU these have cut our paper use down real low

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I think the 11 year old could gargle. My 10 & 8 year olds gargle just fine. And my 5 year old does try. I think it helps to have them practice with plain water, that way they can work on the gargling skills without fighting the unpleasantness of the salt water at the same time.
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I had a baby who got the flu at 3 months old! I breasted her through it (while also sick with it) and she was better before my husband and I! My husband had contracted it first and when they found out we had a young baby they really scared us at the drs. I just kept breast feeding her and she was fine!
She is now school age and I have a 15 month old! I make her wash her hands when she comes home from school and we stay out of public during flu season! I skipped ds 15 month well visit as I figured it wasn't really necessary anyway, we went at 12 months and we will wait until 18 months to go again! I think my dr wold even agree lol I didn't want to take him to a ace where everyone probably gas the flu when he's well!
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That is a very good point. I may skip a few of the well baby visits as long as everything seems to be fine. With my first I went to every well baby because I had a million new worries every time one rolled around so I went mainly to ask the Dr. questions. It always did bother me to be there with my healthy baby, hearing kids in the next room coughing and such. Funny thing too, several times my Dr. actually gave me more to worry about that ended up being nothing. One visit my daughter was diagnosed with torticollis and which usually corrects itself, and it did. Another visit I was told that my baby had a flat spot or something on one side of her head, which ended up going away as well. Another visit I was told that my baby was going down too much in weight/height percentiles. By the next visit she was right back up. And this last visit I was told that my baby may have a slight lazy eye. So I appreciate that my Dr. tries to catch potential problems early but the tone she takes has made me worry a lot over this past year for nothing. So keeping Dr. visits to a minimum is probably a good idea:)

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