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Chlorine free diapers

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I plan to use mostly cloth with this babe, but like to keep some disposables around too. As long as they don't have chlorine, does it matter which brand I get? I had no idea there were so many choices! Which ones do you recommend?
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I liked the 7th Generation brand, but it's been a long time since my children have used diapers.

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I also like 7th generation. It is what we use when she's not in cloth :)

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I really like The Honest Company diapers when not using cloth. They are pretty expensive though. The target brand up and up diapers are pretty good and chlorine free and are much much cheaper!
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A friend of mine uses the Target brand one & they work great. I love 7th Generation products, but I'd go w/the cheaper one if you have a Target nearby...

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Is Earth's Best not chlorine free? I need to double check...

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