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Breastfeeding discussions

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I know a lot of us are planning to nurse, so I thought a thread to discuss nursing would be in order. I nursed DD for three years, without many problems. The only real issue we had was extreme oversupply for the first six months or so. Like soaking my shirt and bed nightly, and very uncomfortable. DD gained weight quickly (21 lbs at six months, exclusively breastfed). When she was little she would nurse and then spit up enough to completely soak the front of my shirt and pants. I would laugh when i saw the little burp cloths other moms used! We needed a full sized bath towel. I would love to avoid this this time! I never pumped for dd but i am think of pumping for this lo. I know this is the opposite problem from a lot of moms, but how can I reduce my milk supply so I don't end up with oversupply again?
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I would just try to nurse on demand the first couple weeks until your supply regulates.  I had some oversupply with my first and didn't start pumping until 4 weeks and it was only once a day mid morning and I would get like 4 oz from each side (that was after nursing)  I make lots of milk.  I struggled with plugged ducts on my left breast but I didn't leak much.  My son went through a spit up phase when he was getting a full belly.  I "loved" the middle of the night nursing when he would spit up everything he just ate all over me and all over our bed.  we slept on layer of towels and cloth diapers and kept extra t-shirts bedside for me to change into.

If you do decide to pump to relieve engorgement I would only pump a small amount before starting to nurse, no longer than 3 minutes. that's long enough to relieve the pressure and help baby latch but won't overstimulate your milk production. 

You can also try drinking peppermint tea to decrease supply. 

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