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It is such a human universal (at least until a person theoretically develops the wisdom to know better) to deny, belittle, or disbelieve any experience outside their own.

When people do that, it's a sign of their own immaturity. I am learning to be compassionate about it when I encounter it in someone else, because I can look back at myself, and not too long ago, I too tended to snort or do an inward eye-roll at anything at all outside my own personal experience, as if my experience were universal and all-encompassing, so that anything outside of it, had to be false.


I did it with food allergies (til I became the food allergy mom!) and with countless other things in my growing-up years (and sadly, for me, that went into my 20's and even 30's!)


Strange as it sounds on examination, even people who love and know you best, until and unless they deepen in wisdom enough to get past it, seem to find it easier to believe suddenly that you are a liar or hallucinating, than to believe that they themselves could simply be mistaken about an experience they haven't had.


Isn't that a hoot, when you put it that way? That might also be a good reply to the person doing it : "Have you considered that you normally believe in my sanity and truthfulness, but now find it easier to believe I am either lying or hallucinating, than it is to admit that you have trouble believing in what you yourself have not experienced?"


And the funny thing is, we're all so prone to it. It's like finding out that we're all basically very little different from the monkey who can't pull his hand out of the hole, because he refuses to let go of the peanuts, ( or the ignorant person who, when shown a photo of a giraffe, declares, "there ain't any such animal!" and walks away unfazed, certain the photo was a fake) and that very few of us mature to a point where we can overcome these habits. I'm pretty sure I still haven't overcome them, even though I am now aware they exist. I just try to recognize the urge when it comes on, and go, "Oh, yes, I'm doing that again!" and then try to think differently.

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I agree.  It seems to me some people don't think I'm actually nauseated and dizzy because I'm not actually throwing up.  But I hardly ever throw up even with the flu - I naturally fight vomiting.  But I certainly feel awful.  Bleh!  

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Does anyone else have loose bm's? I was always constipated with my other two, but with this one, I'm get a terrible stomach ache and an explosion. (lol, I don't know how else to word that. It's the best fit.) This m/s is 10 times worse than anything else I've had. I feel like I've had the flu for 2 weeks. I basically suck at life right now. Eating food isn't a problem, but drinking is where I get nauseated. I'm forcing myself to drink. If I'm not woozy beyond belief, I've got horrible heartburn. I know people think I'm being a baby, but it's seriously awful. 

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It is horrible.

My bowls are a hot mess. Constipation, loose stools, mucus, gas, bloating... a hot mess.
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Yeah my stomach is a mess. Already bad enough with celiac, no gallbladder and other food sensitivities... Pregnancy seems to have made it worse greensad.gif
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Does anybody else go through nightly dread and guilt over their prenatal vitamins/supplements? I have an aversion to them. Before I go to bed each night I brush my teeth (gag) and have an argument like this:

Ugh... It's time to take my prenatals. I don't even want to look at them.
You have to take them. Shake it off.
But I feel sick! I'll just skip tonight.
You skipped two days ago.
Well, maybe I don't need them that much.
FINE. Just skip them. Forget that your baby NEEDS that to grow. Just go ahead and skip because YOU don't feel good.
:swallows pills: (gag)
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My monologue does not end with me swallowing the pills...but yeah, pretty much! I feel a little guilty about it but I'm eating super healthy with a ton of variety, and I have protein shakes 1-2 times a day that have all the same vitamins in smaller quantities. Besides, the prenatals are more for our benefit than the baby (except folic acid!), because we'll end up toothless, osteoporotic, anemic shriveled up moms without them lol

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I'm so glad to read those last couple posts. I as well at 10 & 1/2 weeks am still having aversions to the prenatals. I have ones that I have to take 4 of. The 4 would give me 800 mg of folic acid and many other wonderful high numbers of viteys and minerals but I can literally only take 2 with lunch. So I'm only averaging 400 mg of folic and still managing to take my fish oil every other day but I know how important DHA is too and I worry I'm not getting enough either. But my inability to take them usually overides the guilt inducing voices of but its for the BABY. Because I know if I take them I'll gag and maybe even throw them right back up. Sigh.

I was feeling great eating great for a couple days and out of nowhere last night felt like absolute poo. I was so nauseated and on the cusp of throwing up.Kept cough/gagging. Awesome. Today seems better but good gosh I can't wait for 'normalcy'!!

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I think we had morning sickness recurrences together! I was feeling great and last night around 6 I just could NOT deal. I had to go lie down (and slept for 3 hours!). When I woke up, I took a zofran and still felt gross. I just kept telling myself, at least it isn't all day any more! 

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I never took anything with my first two bag.gif

I'm taking what I can stomach of individual vitamins each day. Yesterday it was Vit D and folic acid. The day before was the same but I also managed iron. I skipped the iron last night because I ate so much yesterday and hadn't gone to the bathroom... TMI... I'll try again tonight.

Someone mentioned gummie prenatals from Target? I'm going to search some out on vacay lol

I'm a fan of not feeling sick... So I will take what I can when I can and not feel guilty in the slightest!
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Speaking of TMI, the constipation is another reason that I skip the prenatals most times...I've always been quite regular so this rabbit poop thing is just bothering me SO MUCH, and the prenatals make it infinitely worse. I know I could take docusate but then it's just another pill that I have to keep down and I'm so not into it!

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I enjoy a few iron pills a week because it regulates me wink1.gif but too many in a row have the opposite effect which is a little alarming when I'm used to the other side of things wink1.gif

Plus I had no OJ last night and I was not taking iron without it... The pills I have, have this gross tasting coating and the OJ masks it!
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The iron I'm taking is liquid.


It doesn't taste horrible and I highly recommend it. Just keep it refrigerated and take a shot a couple times a day. It doesn't constipate me either.

I have another supplement that I got from our local natural foods market before this one that also has 400mg of folic acid and some b vitamins but I've heard you shouldn't take iron with calcium and for a while all I could manage were bagels with cream cheese so I had a hard time taking that one. Bought the liquid and love it.

fragolina mine started at the EXACT same time! 6pm east coat time! Whoa! (Twilight Zone music here...) Doo dee doo doo....

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I'm taking Floradix as well and I mix it in apple or orange juice (except lately skipping orange - too much acid for my already messed up tummy!).  No constipation with Floradix and no anemia last couple times, which I had a darn of a time with in previous pregnancies.  Also - eating half a pear with half and apple twice a day can help with regularity - this goes for post-partum as well, I've found. 


A friend of mine recommended taking ginger root (capsules) for morning sickness.  I had my hubby pick some up from the health food store and it says the normal dose it 2 caps 4x a day but I've only taken 1 cap 2-3 times a day and it has REALLY been helping me.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I'm SO thankful I tried it!  I'm going to double-check the dosages I'm taking because I think taking too much is not good in pregnancy - I will double check.  I'm trying to read up on it to be sure it's safe - so far I think it's okay in small doses.  

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Ok I'm 8 weeks 4 days today and the last 3 hours my nausea has been awful! Where did that come from?  It was kinda bad weeks 3.5-6ish, then gone ever since.  Today is the first time I actually feel like I might puke.  So weird that it's here so late - I wonder if it'll continue.

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11 weeks 1 day and the nausea seems to have ramped up the past week or so. I am hoping it backs off soon.

I have seperate folate too because many nights that is all I can tolerate. I am trying to get at least that and fish oil down, but sometimes I just cannot. I actually don't think the folate bothers my stomach once I get it down, but it still seems absolutely appalling. Those big prenatals and fish oil tablets look even worse and the prenatals have actually made me vomit.
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Does anyone know the max dosage for Diclegis? I think I need another bump.
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Why yes @Ambivalent Dreams , I do :)


U.S. labeling: Day 1: Two delayed release tablets (a total of doxylamine 20 mg and pyridoxine 20 mg) at bedtime. If symptoms are controlled the next day, continue taking 2 tablets at bedtime. If symptoms persist into the afternoon of Day 2, take 2 tablets at bedtime, then 1 tablet in the morning of Day 3 and 2 tablets at bedtime. If symptoms are controlled on Day 4, continue with 1 tablet in the morning and 2 tablets at bedtime. If symptoms are not controlled on Day 4, increase dose to 1 tablet in the morning, 1 tablet midafternoon, and 2 tablets in the evening. Tablets should be taken as scheduled and not on an as needed basis. Maximum dose: Four tablets daily.


Source: Lexicomp Lexi-Drugs adult dosing for Diclegis (doxylamine 20 mg/pyridoxine 20 mg)

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Fragolina - nice timing, as I was just getting out my drug reference!

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Thank you!! Calling tomorrow for a bump.
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