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Starting solids question?

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I have a question about solids. This is baby #4. With baby #1, now 11, we did what was recommended - rice cereal with breastmilk at 6 months. He loved every single food offered and always ate well, continuing to nurse till age 6 (we do child led weaning). We offered the same to baby #2, who didn't hate it, but preferred mashed potatoes and avocados, also continued to nurse for years. Baby #3 was also given the same thing, he didn't like it and preferred to have only breastmilk till 8 or 9 mos. He never liked baby food, and really didn't like most table foods, except pizza, nursing was his main food source for years. We have an awesome family doctor who would like to see us wait till 8 months or so before offering any solids. Baby #4 will be 6 months on Friday. I had planned to wait till 8 months but she watches us eat with such interest I am not sure. When did you start? What did you start with? How many do baby-led solids? Do you mainly treat it as play offering soft table foods (sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas?)? Thanks!
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I started as son as my son became curious about table food. And we fed Anna's,sweet potatoes,avocado and such.
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My two kids have also done extended nursing and we started solids with both of them casually between 4 and 6 months. We mainly started whenever they showed an interest. I remember one time I was eating pizza at Costco and my son, who was on my lap, grabbed my arm, opened his mouth wide, and tried to pull the pizza to his mouth. My husband and I knew it was time to start offering him food. We had different strategies with both kids. With my son, as a first time mother, I did all the homemade baby food purees frozen in ice cube trays to spoon feed him at regularly meal-like intervals once he was 6 months old. (I liked the book To 100 Baby Purees by Anabel Karmel). With my daughter, as the lazy mother of two, we mainly just gave her mashed up versions of whatever we were eating (starting with avocado and banana), plus bigger pieces of food for her to gnaw on and gum to death when she was a little bigger. We never did commercial baby food and both my kids were really good eaters for the first couple years. My daughter still is, but my 4 year old son (who used to eat EVERYTHING but mushrooms and pickles) has recently decided he doesn't like a bunch of food he used to like (like tomatoes, avocados, fish, etc.). I'm not sure what his deal is. He still eats a lot of good food, just much less variety than a few months ago.   

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Babies put everything in their mouths, it doesn't mean they are ready for solids. For once, a doctor is actually right, wait a good long time!  At least 6-8 mos, can sit up unassisted, has a bit of a tooth peeking through the gums, and has lost the gag reflex (unless of course the baby is actually choking!  haha)


And cereal is a terrible food for babies, totally devoid of nutrition and full of anti-nutrients.  Try starting on whole, unprocessed foods that don't need to be spoonfed but rather can be picked up by the baby and self-fed.

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