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What are your thoughts on soy?

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Healthy eating is a complicated issue for me. It's hard to balance what I hear from different people. Some people say soy is horrible and will cause health problems for my daughters, and others think it's perfectly fine or at least not harmful, and some think it's super healthy.

I'm trying to figure out what to think after hearing conflicting opinions. Does anyone here have thoughts?
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I'm not down with soy b/c of the hormone issues is causes in men and women. We don't purposefully buy it, but it's in a lot of products anyway so we do consume some. 

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My opinion on soy, like any other food, is everything is fine in moderation (well, except trans fats).  I've done a lot of reading on the pros and cons, or more specifically the benefits and detriments of soy, and there is no consensus.  I wouldn't feed my kids or myself tons of soy.  But I wouldn't feed us tons of beef, chicken, fish or dairy either.  It's all about balance and variety.  Too much of anything isn't good for you, whether it's broccoli or cookies.  Think of all the hype in the past 3 decades of how (supposedly) bad: fats, dairy, carbs, gluten, soy, fruits are for you.  Every day it seems something else is horrible for you.  For most people all of these things are fine.  


I think healthy eating is hard for a lot of people.  I'm just one more person, so take this as you wish.  But 3-4 years ago I just gave up on trying to meet some "healthy food" ideal.  Basically we minimize processed foods (minimize not eliminate) and eat what we want.  All of us are quite healthy, backed up by blood work and various readings from docs (BP, weight etc...)  Cut yourself some slack, don't stress about every stupid fad or scare story out there, and enjoy eating lots of delicious varied food.  

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I've read about the hormonal issues but it is also a high GMO crop. However I have been told that soy lecithin is ok. But I would avoid soy based products such as soy milk, fake meats stuff like that. They are also highly processed. Soy also seems to be a highly allergen food and to me that also says something.
The reason gluten, dairy and so many things are coming out as bad for us is bc of how they are grown and processed now! Grains and wheat are different than years ago and that is why so many people are allergic to things now. Actually for most people all these things are not fine! These are what cause autoimmune disorders, stomach problems, thyroid issues and the list goes on. We can't eat perfectly but we can be informed and eat real whole foods, and other things in moderation. Trust me I do not eat perfect at all and have zero will power when junk is around. But there are certain things I try not to consume and soy is one.
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Ps.... Go to Dr. Mercola's website and search soy. His website has actual evidence and studies and not just opinions. He talks a lot about soy.
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We stay away from "processed" soy as much as possible, sticking with soymilk, tofu, tempeh, tamari.  No soy "meats" or soybean oils, etc.  And organic.  Always organic.  It does not make up a large part of our diet, except the girls use the milk because dd1 is allergic to dairy.  I find it preferable to the other non-dairy milk options.


I can't dredge up a study for you, but I've understood that it's best in moderation, and in natural, especially fermented forms like tempeh and miso.  And edamame should be eaten sparingly, as a treat.  Soybeans wouldn't be the first beans that have relatively marginal edibility.

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