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ideas to help my toddler cope with change

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A few months ago my DH found out that his job was eliminated. A week ago was his last day he's been home since. We have no choice other then to relocate to another state. That has lots of possibilities for both of us. Both of us have been working on keeping the household stress level as low as possible. Our potty trained toddler has been having lots of accidents. We know when he has to go and try to gently nudge him. He becomes upset.

We tried to talk to him about relocating. Stoping whatever it is that he is doing and go. Other then that if I need to have a conversation with my husband. He starts talking over us. We stop and acknowledge him but doesn't stop.

Home life we do activities arts and craft throughout the day. Constantly interact with him.

Any advice is appreciated. I'm personally trying to keep it together we are far from financial security. I try my best to remain positive.
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I don't have a whole lot of advice but we have been there. A year and a half ago we were almost out of funds and had to move halfway across the country. It ended up working out GREAT, but it is a big adjustment for everybody. A lot of what your DS is doing sounds like normal toddler behavior. Potty regression is normal I think although big changes can certainly trigger it. Kids can pick up on adult stress too but there isn't a whole lot you can do about that, you are doing the best you can given the situation. Really, you are doing all the right things it's unfortunately is just going to take time to sort it out. I do have a couple of ideas though:


1.) Routine routine routine! Seemingly impossible now in the throes of moving but do what you can. Have a consistent bedtime and mealtimes to start with and add a little more routine when you are able (a certain time of day when you read stories for example, or a park day, ect.) The more he can know what to expect the easier the transition will be.


2.)Have consistent times that you always go to the potty whether he needs to or not. Once every hour if necessary.


3.) Describe your new state. Show pictures, read books about it. See if you can get a picture of your new home or apartment. Plan some fun things to see or do in your new area so he has something to look forward to about it (and you too!).


4.) If you can find stories a your library or something about moving or pottying, that can help too. My kids always seemed to identify with stories really well.


I don't know what to do about the talking over thing except to consistently correct it. But even with that my 6 you still does this a lot.:eyesroll

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Crunchy mom if you don't mind me asking how far did you move? Was it due to job loss?
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I can say a lot of this seems like a typical toddler thing.  My 26mo has been diaper free except to poop since she was 24mos and has really done great, even out in public.  But lately lots of accidents while she plays.  She is SUPER strong willed so asking her if she has to go almost backfires more in our case so I try to gently remind her without it seeming like I'm telling her to go. We've got no big changes going on here, so there's not a trigger going on for us if that helps!

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We moved from the midwest to the deep south, about a 21 hour drive which we took over 3 days. And yes it was due to a job situation. I lost my job (I am a SAHM now) and my husband was unemployed or underemployed for 3 years so we had to move for a better job for him and lower cost of living.

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Crunchy mom same situation. We are in a dead town this is not really a choice. We have to move to an area that has good jobs for the both of us. I already have two interviews the first week. My dh has a potential interview too. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for a smooth transition.

Any advice on the road trip with a toddler and infant?? Snacks to pack?? Activities??
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