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24 month old daughter tantrums all the time!

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I feel like I'm failing my daughter here, she tantrums all day long. Any minor instance where she doesn't get her way is a trigger for a screaming, throwing, hitting, on the floor little girl. I've been really working on giving her a heads up about transitions, giving her choices and distracting her but even with all of that we are still dealing with too many tantrums. My intuition is telling me she needs help learning right and wrong behavior. How do I start??
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The two main triggers for tantrums seem to be lack of sleep and hunger. Has she been sleeping less or not nursing or eating enough?
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My 26mos has been in a rough patch and I know hers is completely lack of sleep.  She's not tired at noon like she used to be and sometimes doesn't go down for a nap til after 3 which of course makes nights miserable with bedtime going 10pm or later.  Part of me thinks she ramping up to drop naptime (and some days she doesn't) but obviously she needs them so we're in a similar boat.  I've made a lot of concessions for the things I've deemed "little" and therefore have reduced the number of things to battle over so it's a bit easier to stick to it for the important stuff.  I could have killed my DH when he offered her chocolate milk (it's the non-dairy almond stuff) at 10 the other night - THAT I stood my ground on and THAT was a hell of a tantrum.  But yah I totally think sleep is an issue at this age.  We're lucky if she gets about 10-12 hours in a day which I think is less than she should be getting (bags under here eyes can prove that!) but so far I haven't figure out an answer to the sleep dilemma!  So maybe think about what things are the usual triggers and re-evaluate or categorize them by importance of which ones you'd be willing to let slide.  My DD is one hell of an independent kid, painfully so at times, so having easy choices helps her as well.

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I think you both nailed it, she's not sleeping enough. I think we're averaging around 10 hours of sleep, 12 on a good day. It's exhausting because I have to carefully plan out diversions to do anything, even to go top the bathroom! She's a tough cookie to get to sleep lately too, and naps and bed times are drifting REALLY late. Everything is so exciting to her now, if I try to turn the lights off to get her to sleep, she just thinks it's the silliest thing in the world to get to play in the dark smile.gif. I feel like there is no avoiding a high number of tantrums when she is pulling off 7 hours of wakefulness now. I have to figure out how to get this girl to sleep!
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Thanks for posting this...my 24 month old is driving me CRAZY with his constant tantrums and I feel like I'm failing him as well. Nice to know he's not the only crazy one (his one little buddy we hang out with a bunch is an angel so he looks completely insane next to her!)

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