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Sick babes

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We have been plagued by illness this year. First Norovirus hit 3 out of the 5 of us which was loads of puking. B vomited for about 8 hours, every 45 min but was still nursing and no fever or other symptoms.

Then this bug, which I only assume is the flu got us sun morning. I woke up with severe body aches, high fever, nausea, and thought I was going to die. My DS1 who's 8 has it too. Today is better but still pretty crappy... Then took B's temp on a whim about an hour ago and it was 101. Called ND pronto. Just took temp now while he's sleeping in my arms and it's 101.6.

I normally am not a fever fanatic, but am totally scared of my lil guy getting dangerously sick. Just a few weeks ago a 5 year old died in my city from the flu.... I can't get it out of my head. He has no other symptoms that I can tell, still in a decent mood and nursing. I am waiting for ND to call me back now.

I even packed a bag already in case she says go in now to the hospital...

Prayers? Words of encouragement? Advice?
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Ugh!  No helpful words, but its been a few hours ... any improvement?


My husband had the flu last week.  His temp was 103s and 104s!  I  couldn't believe my eyes.  Fortunately it went down to 101 after a few hours.  So far myself and Holly have dodged it.

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Fevers are scary things. But normal things too.

I'd be more worried with a babe who ACTS sick and has a fever vrs a babe who acts pretty normal with a fever. My midwife told me as long as you have a responsive, nursing, pooping babe he should be able to fight off whatever the fever is fighting no problem.


Big hugs Shanna-cat. No fun when you get sick but when your babies are sick........you just feel so helpless and trust me I KNOW the feeling.:Hug

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Just said a prayer for Berkley & the rest of your family Shanna-Cat. Leora & her 8 yr. old brother had her first fever a couple of weeks ago, also past the hundreds, too high for my peace of mind. She was cheerful the whole time & came out all right. The listless fever is when I consider it bad. Usually the fever is your friend against something worse...


unless your Spotty's husband, that is REALLY high. Glad to hear he's ok. My son had 104.0 once when he was a baby. I dosed him w/ motrin & tylenol & headed for the E-room, but the meds worked. It went down to 100 something by the time we were seen. I'm more naturally minded now, but it's scary no matter when it happens

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We've been fighting off the crud for weeks now, and after weeks of resisting it I finally succumbed yesterday. My 4 yr old had a vomiting bout on Friday and then spent the weekend fighting off high temps (102, 103.) Her fever finally went down last night, or maybe it just jumped to me, LOL. I've got a temp of 38.1 right now.

She just had a coughing fit and puked up a bunch of phlegm. greensad.gif We're all coughing and have sore throats, but luckily baby doesn't have a fever. She did start coughing and sneezing today though, so we're off to the dr tomorrow.

I really hope it's not flu, because I just declined the flu shot for my girls at Amelia's 6 month checkup. We had had a fairly traumatic attempt at giving my 4 yr old a vaccine at that appointment, it was horrible. It started because the nurse was being really bitchy about the fact that we delayed vaccines for my first. Now we are catching her up. The woman tried to strong-arm my frightened, crying girl into getting the shot, and even ad me try to restrain her so she could give it against her will. I'm ashamed to admit that I kinda half-heartedly went along with if for a little while before my mama bear instincts kicked in. Anyhow, I'd hate for that woman to be able to say "I told you so."

Anyhow, my thoughts are with you and your family, shanna-cat.
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We are doing ok. My family is very prone to high fevers, ds1 had 104 this morning and when the dr got back to me B was at 103. When we get sick this is not unusual! I know fevers are there for a reason but I have a difficult time letting my LO's get so hot. They go fast from hot and ok to hot and not-ok.

So I just dossed us all, including myself, with Tylenol. Ds1 and B fell asleep instantly and I feel so much better. My body aches were so severe yesterday I was crying (and then of course worried I was getting dehydrated...) and I would do almost anything to keep my baby from feeling that pain. Hopefully the Tylenol will help my boys.

So I think it's going to be a long night but at least we're at home and not the hospital.
Thanks for all the support mamas!
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Good to hear things are going better at your house Shanna. REST and Rest and REST some more  :love



Ahh! Kitteh. Sorry to hear you're in with the crud too. More sorry to hear about your vaccine adventure... I could say alot more about that nurse but we'd have to start a new thread!

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Rest and hydrate and rest and hydrate and rest some more. Dehydration is what t-shirt people with the viruses. Fevers are unnerving, but I would watch the baby (and everyone else) more than the numbers. Aubrey has also had a fever that topped out near 103 a few weeks ago. Scary when you are sick and you know what they are going through. I hope you guys come out the other side soon.
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Man my auto correct is on a rampage. I was not talking about t-shirt people.
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Originally Posted by BabySmurf View Post

Man my auto correct is on a rampage. I was not talking about t-shirt people.


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T-shirt ppl LOL!

Camden is recovering from pneumonia as we speak and I have one recovering from flu, and one fifth disease and several strep. This had be an awful winter!!! My flu kid had 104.6 fever at one point and for 24 hours was over 103 with med dosing continually. My neighbors are surgeon and pedi Dr's and I just happen to see one outside and called him over. Just wanted to ask about high fevers and he volunteered to come check her out. Said flu and keep her hydrated and she'd be fine. She's great now and back at school today even. Camden is still coughing to gagging but doing way better too. Thankfully I've only had strep out of everything we've been passing around.
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Ugh. Sick kids are THE WORST. I ended up getting the flu worst at our place, 103 temp for 6 days then another week of nasty cough. I didn't leave the house for 15 days. It was awful.

Hope everyone feels better soon tenk!
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Oh honey big hugs. I don't think I've ever been down that long. We were down a few days sick then a few more days with a snow storm awhile back, but 15 days, yowsers.
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Im pretty sure we spent the entire month of January sick, so I definitely feel your pain!
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Well I hope for all of our sakes that all our families are in the mend!
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I can't start a new thread on my cell, but does this look like thrush?
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Ouch!! Is that her her tushy??! We've never had thrush but ds1 had yeast infections on his diaper area that peeled and blistered like that... Pm me if you want more info. Boor baby, hope it heals soon
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It's her innermost thigh roll, and it's spreading to her vulva greensad.gif she also has tiny bit of whiteish on the tip of her tongue, qhi is what made me think of thrush.

Definitely want more info, PM coming.
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I'm afraid I'm no help, but poor darling. Hope it heals quickly.
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hows the rash Kitteh?? 

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