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Baby wearing

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I finally took the time to try out the moby wrap. I have an ergo with newborn insert too but it seems so bulky.

Anyway I thought I got it on right and I did everything it says but it doesn't feel as secure as I expected and I'm not sure I like her position. The top part of her little pouch seems loose but the part where her legs are is awfully tight. Any tips or advice??
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Use youtube and watch a few videos of people tying the wrap and putting baby in there. The part supporting her head does look loose to me.
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I watched a lot if videos, can you recommend one in particular? Her feet/butt were hard to get in there ... I don't know how to adjust it. greensad.gif
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I don't have a particular one. That is just how i learned to do it.

Try tying it a few more times. Seems like you need to put the shoulder straps on tighter (shorter over the shoulder) and possibly wrap the middle section looser (altho it looks ok in the picture).

Trial and error at this stage. Once you get the hang of it it is quick and easy. I don't recall an easy way to adjust it once you have it on, though? I know i always ended up making it smaller and tighter than i thought was needed bc it stretches once the weight of the baby is in there.
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I usually do the kangaroo carry so I don't know if this will work for you, but I make sure the front pouch is right under my boobs and flat, keep each side rail flat and put under the pouch and tie everything up snugly.  Then I untie it.  Put the baby in the 2 sides, then resnug everything - paying special attention to the open part of the rails and tie again.  Then pull up the pouch to cover - and possibly resnug one last time just under the pouch for extra support.

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Ok, today I made sure to keep the side pieces snug and it was better! Maybe a teensy bit too snug but we'll get there! Maybe tomorrow I will try the ergo. Sitting is still painful, my arms appreciate the break!
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If you figure out a good trick for using the Ergo, let us know. That infant insert is just bulky!!
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Yeah.. I will try it but a friend recommended I just bundle her in a blanket and tuck her in so I might try that too.
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I have swaddled babies and put them in the Ergo like that.  It works just fine but it is bulky.  For very little babies I prefer a pouch sling though- they are simple and quick and cozy.  I had a Moby and it just seemed like too much work and I never could get a good fit.  

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A pouch is the one thing I don't have. Well that and a mei tei. The moby went better today thirst time but the second time I had it too tight. Sigh.
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Just before K arrived, I bought a Baby K'Tan - they had some discounted to $30 on their website - which I'm hoping will work as kind of a combo of the convenience of a pouch with the versatility/snugness of a Moby.  It's supposed to get here today so I'll try to report on how it works later on. 


I think pouches are really nice for quick plop baby in, take baby out scenarios - like from the car into the store and back.  And like, going out to eat where you might need to bounce them a little, but not move around too much.  But I haven't liked them that much for getting things done around the house or going for long walks.  Then I like the Moby.  Until they're big enough for the Ergo.  Then it's Ergo all the way.


I'm thinking about making a woven wrap this time.  Probably just a shortie or rebozo length.  Anybody have any experience with them? 

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CWill, when you get the Baby K'Tan, can you comment on whether you think it could comfortably be worn under clothes (throughout the day) so I could pop baby in and out for skin to skin whenever? I got the NuRoo (babywearing shirt) but I'm not the hugest fan of it so far.

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Following. I have the ergo with insert (but yes heard it's bulky and not very possible to nurse in) the moby which I am going to attempt again but the wrapping was tedious and while I hope to get better and use it more I want to have other options. I also picked up a k'tan from Target because it was $12.88 (just the one box) but it's a size XS and I know that the sizing chart has me just into the small. I'm working on getting my size so want to hear as well.


Got to be able to nurse on the go some around the house, etc.

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I wanted something easyish too. Hmm.
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We have a few nice second hand kid stores here and one of them posted to facebook this morning that they were having 60% off select baby gear. I grabbed two slings a fitted and an adjustable (plus a book for the older kiddos). I spent 17 dollars. I won't cry so hard if they don't work for the new baby now. LOL.

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You're a good shopper Catwmandu!


OK, so here's a picture of the Baby K'tan.  I'm 5'8" and was 125 lbs with an A-cup pre-pregnancy.  Based on that and reviews that said they run big, I got an XS.  Right now, I'm 152 lbs and maybe a C-cup.  So the fit is a little snug.  I'm not super comfortable with the amount of pressure it put on K's head when I tucked her in.  But I liked the snugness otherwise.  I would say you could definitely wear it under clothes - it's not that bulky and you could keep one ring around your waist, but it also takes no time at all to put on.  It's so easy. 

I think nursing is going to vary based on how it fits you.  Baby K'tan's website says you can unsling one ring if there is a snug fit.  I'll try that later and see how it goes.  It's definitely too snug right now for me to nurse in it.  But I also wonder, as she gets old enough for other carries, if it will be easier to nurse.


The fabric is less stretchy than the Moby.  Oh, and it felt really tight when I first put it on, like I would never be able to fit a baby in there.  But once she was in it was just a tad too tight.  I guess I just need to lose a few pounds!  :)  I also really like how unbulky it is.


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Hmm. I swore I wouldn't have a million carriers but that does seem pretty easy. Hmm.
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Ergo with infant insert is a success!! Daddy went to his ski racing league and we are home alone fore a few hours. I wanted dinner and she started squeaking. Super easy to put on and she seems happy! Dinner was heated up and consumed and she is fast asleep. We might even finish loading and start the dishwasher, won't daddy be surprised??

The only trick was the waist belt had to go lower than I thought. She was up by my nose at first lol.
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Thanks for the photo of the k'tan. It's hard to tell with this big round basketball in front about how it will really fit but the xs seems too small for me. I was 105 before baby (lowest I've been in a long long time) and am only 5'4 but have a rather large bust. It seems like the xs will make baby too snug. Guess we'll see.


Great to hear about Ergo. Super excited to use mine :)

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