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I've got to have this baby soon or my husband will divorce me. Bought another sling today - and shouldn't be buying stuff. This time a ring sling (Zolo) I found on craigslist.


At most I've had 2 - 3 carriers in the past. I guess I just want to have a bunch on hand to see what works and will get rid of what doesn't.

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I have a sling and my sister is letting me borrow her Moby. I am liking the Moby more for getting stuff done around the house.

Catwmandu- I didn't even think to look at second hand stores! I really want to try out other carriers or at least get my own Moby! I really want an Ergo but money is just so tight right now. Maybe I can get lucky and find one there
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Tiff - here is a giveaway for one as well: came across it yesterday. It's for a navy one organic.


Enter to win: http://bit.ly/1aQ8Aom

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I loved my ergo when baby got to be a few months old. Prior to that I was just using a moby and a baby bjorn. I got into wraps and slings after DS turned 1, so we've got a few to choose from now. (Including a Tula, which I LOVE!) I bought a secondhand ergo infant insert for this babe that I'm going to try in our boba--hopefully we'll like that. Love all these babywearing pics! slingtwin.gif

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Catwmandu- Thanks! I entered. I doubt I will win, but it is worth a shot! 

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I like the ergo for 4mos+...though I would use with a swaddled baby...I don't care for the infant insert.

Ring sling or pouch are my go-tos for out and about...easy to slip them in and out and nurse. I just traveled 6 hours on flights to see my sis and the ring sling was perfect. Not my fave for long walks but good for lots of sitting and getting in and out.

I have a gypsy mama wrap (like moby but prettier) and if it wasn't 40 below here I could totally wear it as a shirt with a tank underneath. I love the idea of my wrap but I admit I struggle with nursing in it and it's surely not easy on/easy off with snow on the ground.

If I had to be a minimalist I'd probably have one ring sling and an ergo.
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I will try ergo with swaddled babe. Thanks for tip.
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I ended up getting an Ergo for $39.99 this pg. it was some promo that got mentioned on FB through albeebaby.com

They aren't that price now but keep your eyes open and for sure I'll share tips if I see any cheap!
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I'm liking the k'tan more and more. Now it's stretched out a little and doesn't crush her head. It's snug and secure and as easy as a pouch to plop her in. I've been wearing it under a cardigan. Still haven't tried nursing.

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Cwill, thanks so much for posting about the K'Tan. I am a very similar size to you so the sizing information was very helpful. I was wavering between the K'Tan, Second Skin and Miracle Cami but since you said you thought this could fit under a shirt, I'm going to order two sizes of it from Amazon and send back the one that doesn't fit. The other people I asked online said it would be too bulky under a shirt, but I have a feeling they are thinking of a shirt which would still look nice and not like you are a hassled mom with a carrier underneath. Since I came to terms with the hassled mom look long ago, I think it'll probably work for me. :)

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wink1.gif pomegranate! I tried lil in the ergo with no infant insert today and we loved it. She's two weeks old and getting sturdier in the trunk.
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We are still loving the ergo sans insert. It's pretty quick and easy to put on, easy to take off, and Lillian is so cozy in there. I typically out her in sort of sideways and have one side tighter than the other. Sometimes her litle feet hang out one side together, other times she froggies them.
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Still mulling this over! Clearly babywearing and skin to skin are both obsessions of mine and I'm still looking for the perfect combination. 


I still kind of hate the NuRoo. I LOVE the MiracleCami, which I got to replace it - so functional on so many different levels. I couldn't do the Baby K'Tan - was in between sizes and the x-small hurt my back (center of gravity too high) while the small hung too low and loose.


But when the MiracleCami's in the wash, I'm toying with the idea of putting baby inside my shirt and a soft structured carrier *outside* so I can take it off whenever w/o having to fiddle with my own clothes. I'd love to try this with a mei tai but I don't have one. In the meantime I've got a scarf and a pair of pants hugging baby to me. :) (Do not fear, I can see the baby's nose, not obvious from the picture.)


[If I were to try a mei tai, any suggestions?]


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Lol! Pom. Looks like you have made your own moby wrap. We have been using the Ergo without insert. Just slide her in with frog legs. We started around 3 weeks. Have been using that more than my Moby.
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I'm so excited, I should be getting an Ergo today! I have been using a Moby but it takes so much to put it on and is a pain when I want to wear Atlas in a store! I hope I love it as much as everyone else seems to love it! 

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I hope you like it too! I love the moby, I will often put it on and keep it on all day, especially if we are out and about. But the ergo is nice too, we hate the infant insert but she's big enough now not to use it.
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