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I think I can do this, maybe!

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Funny thing is that we moved to our area last year and I think there are some midwives in our area I'd get along well with/trust but I really feel like I want to try UC this time.  I just learned I'm expecting again - it will be my 5th baby, due some time near/around September, I think.  I'd like to do my own self-care (prenatally) with my husband (I REALLY want him MORE involved this time!).  I trust my instincts and I know I can do this.  I just ordered "Hearts and Hands: fifth edition; a midwife's guide to pregnancy and birth" as well as "Unassisted Homebirth: an act of love".  I know my husband can do this too - he was an EMT for 6 years (5 years ago) and is able to remain calm even in uncertain or crazy situations.  But I also think having a couple of close friends/relatives would be helpful in case one or more of our children are awake and needing some food/care or to do some running around/getting things, etc..., as I know my husband tends to be quite tired by the end of things as well and again I'd really like for him to be totally focused on the birth, me/us, and baby.


I am wondering if there are any good videos online and/or articles online that go through some common emergency situations that *may* happen during a normal low-risk birth?  I think much of it will be covered in one of the books I read.  I'm not anticipating any emergencies, as my last two births have been without any concerning issues.  


My first home-birth (second birth), however, included a stalled labor after 12 hours and at 6cm, a swollen cervix which was iced and then contractions began again once the swelling went away (my body knew what to do!) and after 12 MORE hours of labor (a few hours of rest between the two) a healthy baby was born.  So I know things can and do sometimes go not as planned and I'd really like to be prepared for it "in case" but I really hope, again, not to be expecting anything to go too "off" for this birth.  


I got the books because I do think I need just a bit more encouragement and "talking to myself" through this decision.  I really want this birth to be peaceful and I've felt even with my midwives being respectful (and one not so respectful when filling in) like I wanted things more intimate and less medical, more natural and more relational... this is the time to meet our baby, bond with him/her and while obviously the baby and mother need to be alive and in good health to do so I really feel like something gets stolen away when so many procedures take place so soon before that bonding hour (or more) is completed.  


Does anyone have ideas of the importance of weighing the baby right away after birth or putting it off (of course then the baby may weigh an ounce more from nursing??).  I don't feel like it will make a huge difference if we were to hold off until our new family was well connected and settled and ready to rest?  I'm even tempted (but it probably wouldn't be accurate enough) to just hold the baby while on a scale myself and then get back on the scale without the baby while daddy holds him/her?  Hey - don't laugh - it's a good idea but I just doubt our scale would be accurate enough, you think?


Well, thank you for letting me jabber on!  I'm excited about this baby and about this possibility of UC this time around!

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I've read some mothers take the baby to the supermarket or the post office to use scales they have :-) I had to go to the er day after birth though because I'm rh negative and have to get a rhogam shot in a certain amount of time, and I just asked if I could use their baby scale quick while I was there and they let me. You could also get a fish scale and hold ends of a receiving blanket up in it with baby in the blanket, subtract receiving blanket weight. I didn't have my baby weighed till the next day though. I'm sure it's close enough. There's also unassisted groups on Facebook which are pretty active if your looking for more info. Also googling unassisted will find you all kinda of birth stories which will help give you confidence
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Weused a bathroom scale to get the weight the day she was born, although, it really only got us to the closest half pound. She was formally weighed at the doctor's office at a week and a half old (needed documentation to prove she exists for health insurance. Wouldn't have gone otherwise). I wasn't honestly too concerned with her weight/height. She was obviously healthy...

A good resource for complications is gentlebirth.org. It is a website for midwives by midwives, in a kind of forum style. Throughout my pregnancy, I searched the website for whatever complications had me worried at the time. Each topic generally includes the opinions of many midwives, so they have different methods of doing stuff. I just went with what resonated most with me.

Another resource that includes the most common "complications" is Gregory White's Emergency Childbirth. It's a very easy read. I believe the neonatal resuscitation portion might be outdated, though. Its always a good idea to look at multiple resources.
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We used a fish scale for one baby, and then for the next one I bought a baby scale. It was 30 bucks (about half price) at a local consignment store and seems accurate. It was nice to have, and I've lent it out, so it was worth it to me.  It's likely not that important to know the exact weight but sometimes it's nice just for your own records. 

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I forgot... my mom actually bought a baby scale just before my last baby was born so we could use that - I had only thought about weighing the baby while in my arms because I've never had a single baby thus far not be very ticked off at either the cloth scale (used by midwife) or the flat or seated infant scales - they all screamed and cried - but I bet if I caught the baby at the right very sleepy time maybe it wouldn't be so stressful for him/her.


I'm really looking forward to reading the books I ordered because thus far my husband is still leaning towards having a midwife present.  I'm hoping I'll have some good evidence that unassisted birthing is very good (socially) for parents and baby for bonding reasons.  I feel like it would be more "quiet" or "calm" (even though I'm a bit loud at the end usually) - I mean afterwards, mostly.  

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