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Using glass water bottles for kids?

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I'm looking for reusable water bottles for my family and I've searched the forum for back threads but it wasn't very helpful. I know the normal recommendations for reusable bottles and I have purchased KK before but I'm looking for more bottles now. I would like to avoid the KK because of them being MIC. I am uncomfortable with the Sigg because of the aluminum although I did find made in the USA ones that are similar but once again aluminum. I found some really nice glass bottles though that are made in the USA and/or Canada and like the look of them. I'm just not sure about the idea of using a glass bottle for the kids... especially for them to cart around to school and such also. Has anyone tried them and know how breakable they are? Are there any other suggestions past KK and Sigg that I'm not thinking of? It seems like this is one of those "can't have it all" moments where I'm going to have to chose the lesser of two evils on one concept or another. :( Help please!

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Why not aluminum? Just curious because now I am questioning my choice if it is bad.
I do not know about any glass.
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I'm not sure really. There a lots of old posts around here talking about them. Some people are against the aluminum because of the standard warnings against aluminum but others don't see it as a problem. The most recommended bottles around here are the aluminum Sigg, but it's aluminum, or the stainless steel Klean Kanteen, but it's made in China. I don't know how I feel about the aluminum in a reusable bottle honestly but I'd rather avoid it and it be one less thing to worry about if I can. I actually found Liberty Bottleworks that makes aluminum bottles similar to Siggs in the USA. I considered it but I'd rather the glass if I can figure out the breakage issue.



Does anyone here use glass bottles??? For kids!

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I work at a school and carry around a lifefactory glass bottle that has been knocked off tables/dropped many of times and hasn't broken. I also use their baby bottles and sippy cups also. It can be a investment, but worth it. Water tastes so much better coming from a glass bottle. Good luck!
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Glass bottles are heavier, so that's a consideration. You should also see if the school has a policy regarding glass.
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Thanks Earthmama. I was looking at the LifeFactory!! I was also considering the Pure bottles as well since they have a shell of some sort around the bottle in case of breakage. I really like the look of the LifeFactory though. I will most likely be getting that for myself but was concerned if that would be right choice for the kids or not though and wanted opinions on how sturdy they really are.

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DD5 has a glass one with the silicone (?) layer that has held up well, and she's not exactly gentle with things. wink1.gif It's a store brand but looks similar to Lifefactory.
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