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I am a single mom getting ready to begin graduate school in the fall. I have a first and second grader.  I'm feeling really enthusiastic about taking the plunge into homeschooling next year.  I think we would begin this summer in order to establish a routine before my own school begins.  I would love to hear stories, ideas or support around homeschooling single moms, especially if you were in school yourself at the time.  I would love to hear people's favorite curriculum choices.  I am currently a teacher in a waldorf inspired preschool and I am drawn to waldorf but am open to other schooling as well.  Talk to me!!

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Hi boogalu ... coming into your thread to give it a wee bump!
My situation is not similar to yours, but I can say that there are many single parents homeschooling in our homeschool/unschool community. And one friend of mine was in school doing her masters for several years at the same time.
I hope others chime in with some insight from the trenches, as it were.
Do you think you'll use a curriculum? Or something looser? If I were going to school myself, I think I'd like to give my family as much slack as possible, so I doubt I'd do a curriculum or even a set 'school' time for desk work.
I think I'd focus on project based homelearning, which -- I'm happy to admit -- is what we're doing at our house.
Whatever makes it easier on you, mama!
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Hi! I'm a single homeschooling mom to my 6-year-old (1st grade) and 3-year-old (though I don't do anything formal with him yet). I'm not in school, but I do work full time nights and weekends and some daytime hours(from home), so I know a bit about  the time management issues :)  I think it's a great idea to work out your routine first, it honestly took us months to adjust this year to the new schedule!


Whether you choose a strict curriculum or a more relaxed method depends a lot on your personality.  I wanted/needed planned out lessons this year because I was in the midst of figuring out custody and didn't want ex to be able to claim we weren't doing enough, so we went with a public charter.  It works well for that purpose, in that it keeps track of everything very closely, but it is definitely too regimented for us in general.  It is nice to just be able to have planned out lessons, but it is frustrating to feel like we can't pause and explore anything more in depth since we have to finish things in a certain time frame. 


I'm hoping to go back to homeschooling on our own next year.  I will still likely purchase some curriculum so that I don't have tons of preplanning that needs to be done-I can pick up a new lesson when needed, but still have the flexibility to change things around to best suit us and our schedule. 

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Thanks mamas! this is great advice.  I'm attracted to buying a curriculum simply because it seems easier in a way, I won't need to worry about planning for each day. But then again, I'm not good at sticking to plans when the kids are drawn into deeper study of some areas….@greenemami what do you do with the kids while you are working?


I am definitely going to look into project based learning! thank you

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Subscribing. I'm not a single mom, but I'm in graduate school and seriously thinking about homeschooling my littles. I love the project idea, and I'm interested in hearing about families where the primary homeschool facilitator is in school full-time. I think the big thing is going to be the record-keeping, though that may work seamlessly with you since you need a certain level of organization for your own personal school work. Unschooling and project-style stuff seems like it would be a seamless way to get quality time as a family *and* have the ability to count as "schooling," especially in the early elementary grades.

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