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Preparing toddler for homebirth and new baby

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Resources or suggestions to help prepare my 2 yo. He will be 33 months when baby is born.
We have the childrens book Hello Baby about homebirth. I'm wondering if we should watch videos with him closer to birth and what would be appropriate? , I don't want to scare him.

We talk about being a big brother, being helpful, touching babies gently, he has a couple dolls. We are slowing making what was an office into a nursery room (baby will be in our bed/cosleeper likely for first year). My son sleeps in his own room most of the night and we will be moving some furniture around in his room to make a reading/quiet play space.
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:lurkI only hope this can be us with DD someday so watching for answers!

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Really interested in this too... I was going to start my own thread but then saw this. My dd will be 23 months when her little brother is due for my 2nd homebirth and I'm trying to find out how to make it the best situation for everyone.hopefully we get some good responses! smile.gif
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Hi ladies. We just went through this, so hopefully some of my suggestions can help. I watched scenes from "birth as we know it" with my 2 year old, and fast forwarded parts that I thought were too overwhelming for him. This movie, if you don't know it, is amazing for any home birthing mama- be sure to check it out. There is a very good chance your littles will sleep through the birth as most labors happen at night & 2nd labors are generally shorter. We enjoyed a few library books- za za's baby brother by Lucy cousins and spot's new baby. Good luck!
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Thank you! ^^ I've been hoping someone would respond! It's my hope that DD sleeps thru.... But just in case!
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We have two books we're reading with DD (27 months) re: home birth and what happens after baby is born by Toni Olson. She's been attending midwifery appointments and 'helping' the midwife. We got her her own measuring tape and stethoscope so she can check the baby at home. She tells me she's going to help get her baby brother out lol. We've also shown her the pics of her own home water birth. We've been going over all the things she can help with (getting diapers, singing to baby, etc) and all the things she can teach him (she tells us she'll teach him French). She seems excited to be involved. My father will be at our house on the day I go into labour to play with her if either of us decides that witnessing birth is a bit too much for her. I'm due to 2 weeks, so we'll see how it goes shortly.
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