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Activities for an over-emotional 9yo boy?

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Tricky question, especially as I'm outside the USA so options limited, but just as a brainstorming session...


DS is not far off of 10yo now.  He has trouble socialising and tends to over-react to things emotionally.  He says he's bored on weekends but he's afraid of the other kids not liking him or getting bored anyway.  I was trying to think of something that would fit as a fun thing to do in our weekend time, totally failing!


Walks in the woods: boring

Swimming: seems to have a block about this, sometimes will go

Skating: sometimes will go

Sport teams: they can't rely on him and he won't know or like the other boys, regular practice sessions are too much commitment


He likes expensive shopping and eating sugary food in cafes, but I don't want to make those a regular habit.


Any ideas for us?  I don't mind silly ideas, just go for it.  Thx in advance.


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Art classes? Some places might have drop in events on the weekends or pay as you go options. My kids don't take formal art classes but every once in a while we do a day at the local kid's pottery studio or the painting place where the instructor leads a group of moms and children through painting the same picture so with either one you don't have to be great at art to have a decent finished product. 


Another couple thoughts but would require more regular commitment would be something like a hip hop class. They often have boys and girls and tend to be easier to have fun in. Or a small low key theatre program. We have some in our small town, where they work towards putting on a simple play for just parents or they can work on a production for the community. I'm totally just brainstorming here!

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There was a pottery place when I was growing up that did a pay as you go thing. Have you looked into museums at all? Some places will have museums with free admission.

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Ta 4 replies, museums are free here actually but sadly none are convenient.  And he just won't go out, argh.  Wants to stay in his onesie all weekend.


I'll keep working on him.  Cheers.

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cavy i see you have 4 children right? you are concerned about your 10 year old's social skills?


he just might be a homebody. having other siblings i am not sure i would be concerned about socializing.


dd has a friend like your son. btw part of being 10 IS having all those questions about others. its normal. 10 is not a time to worry. ten is when they are figuring out socialization. if he was older then yes. something is up.


dd has a friend like ur ds. they have dd over when they want to take their ds to the park or somewhere outside. 


also as an aside i would go over nutrition with your son. explain why you are cooking the different stuff for dinner.  kinda make it a natural part of life. so that when you go to a cafe you dont do too much sugary stuff. 


however also know wanting sugar and carbs is normal from the 10 year old age. they are growing both emotionally and physically and there is a natural high need for 'sugars'. 

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