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Unassisted Birthers?

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Is anyone else planning a UC? I thought it might be nice to have a thread for chatting about it!

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Hi!  I JUST logged in for the first time and ironically yours is the first thread I see.  I have very seriously considered an unassisted birth.  With my last baby I teased my husband I was going to give birth while he was at work.  Well, I wish I had.  My hospital birth wasn't the nightmare you hear about but I definitely felt "managed" and am dreading going through that again.  We are scheduled for birth at our local birth center - but we were last time as well and my baby came too early.  I'm also having some reservations about who to leave my older son with while we're away.  I basically have a laundry list of reasons to consider it, but also have health issues and am trying to be "reasonable."  I just don't know. 

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I understand!
Is a home birth with a midwife an option for you? 

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I confess I love reading the UC section of mothering, even though it would totally not be something I would want to do.  The idea of giving birth in my house is one of those "please, never" types of thoughts for me - mostly on account of its tiny size, number of stairs between bathroom and bedroom, and I have no interest in involving my kids in my birth.  But it's pretty awesome hearing from people who are into this - particularly how well informed many (not all) of the women who UC are!  I think my partner would be more into it than I would be : ) 

Anyway, carry on - just wanted to say that's a pretty neat thing, if the circumstances and your capability to do it are right for the task! 

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My house is also so small I can't imagine having a home birth *with people around* but it's one floor and a little over 600 sq ft.  The thing that would make me most uncomfortable is simply having people in my house.  I don't even like having family here.  And a birth tub?  Forget it.  No place whatsoever.  I wish I had a better layout.  I've considered asking my mom to use their house but a) my mom is a MESS when it comes to urgent situations.  She didn't have pleasant birth experiences so she views birth as trauma.  She FLIPPED OUT when I had my son and she was only in the room for about 5-10 mins.  b) my parents are retired and I have no idea where my dad would go while this whole event was going on.  He wouldn't want to be within 5 miles of me giving birth.  


Fingers crossed everything will go *as planned* this time.  I'll stay home as long as possible, maybe too long ;)  Baby will stay put until at least 37 weeks and I can get to the birth center.  All of my health issues will stay out of my way...I just keep visualizing everything going perfectly and avoiding the things that went wrong the first time.  

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I've been curious as to the definition of a UC birth.


I've had all 3 at home the first 2 with a hands-on CNM and the 3rd with very hands-off CNM.  She only used the Doppler through labor a handful of times. I checked my dilation as I wanted and I caught the baby - it was a very smooth birth .... she actually never touched me until the after birth. :)  My husband was the only person I touched during all of it.   Her role was more hands on with monitoring postpartum. 


ANYWAY!  I hear some women talk of their UC as it being ONLY them through labor and birth.  And I also hear of UCs with the help/support of a spouse or friend. just never a professional healthcare provider? 


so in the end, UC = no professional/hired healthcare provider?  Or are there variations to the term?

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Nobody owns the term or anything, but yes, generally people mean no professional healthcare provider.  For myself, I wouldn't like be completely alone, I like to have my husband around and I might invite a close friend this time to help with the kids and take pictures. Last time I had a baby my sister lived downstairs so she was able to help with the kids and then come bring me tea and stuff but stay totally unobtrusive and that was lovely. I'd have her come over this time but she doesn't drive  (and has since had a baby herself!) so it won't be convenient.

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Yepper! we are planning our 3rd UC. this is baby #5  glad to see others interested in this awesome way of welcoming babe earthside...

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Nice to know I'm not alone in here :love

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I am also planning a UC I feel most comfortable with it. For my first I went with a Midwife who sent me to the hospital to be induced, the thought of being induced sent me into labor so I never received it but it was a horrible experience. I never saw her once during  the whole birth or after. So for our 2nd child I am planning a UC, I feel safer in my own hands.

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How are the UC mommas doing? I have to say I am actually wanting more to UC this baby. I was planning a UC last time but we found baby had a brain malformation and that pretty much ended that. Now I am feeling really confident in doing it on my own after thinking this would be a hospital induction at fullterm. I have been unsure about arrangements for my kids while I am in labor and at the hospital, I am very anxious about getting any sort of epi or IV or needing a catheter, plus we will have a brand new bathroom with a bigger tub so what better way to break it in!
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I'm doing fine... just gestating along! I ordered my cord rings (what I like for tying off the umbilical cord) because you can't get them in Canada right now... just have to order a pool liner and I'll be set for the birth I think. It's nice that I already have everything and there isn't much to worry about :)

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we are doing good here too. I haven't really done much as far as prepping... ehh... we usually don't use much. I do plan on ordering more tinctures soon, and maybe converting our horse trough into a birth tub? we will see Im still meditating on that, how I want to do it, IF I really want to go thru all that work of filling it , will I even want to birth in it... IDK... not too much to report here, but Im happy to see we have a small handful of UC mamas!

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Hi everyone! I'm so happy to see a thread here about UC! I'm seriously considering it... This will be my first birth so its a little nerve-racking to make the choice but I feel most confident about it. My husband and I have just decided to move back to Tucson, AZ (where we met and where he is from and his family lives) from northern California. We had chosen some amazing midwives there that I felt extremely comfortable and confident with. With the move, I haven't found anyone that comes close to the feeling of connection we had with our original midwives. I don't want to hire someone I feel I am "settling for" to be at the birth. I know myself and can only see getting highly annoyed at someone in that situation! The expense of hiring a midwife completely turns me off as well... I have thought about having a doula there if we could find one who is like-minded and clicks with us... maybe of having a friend there who has been at a couple births to be a sort of reassurance/cheerleader support person. Otherwise just me and my husband. It makes him quite nervous though he trusts me and my decisions completely. I've started looking at birth tubs online and something like an aquarium heater set-up. Trying to keep cost minimal and low maintenance in general. Would love to hear some support and/or recommendations from you ladies! What kinds of things should I be doing to prepare myself/hubby for a positive UC experience? Much love in advance! :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat

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I like the book The Birth Partner to help prepare your husband. I think it's normal to be nervous, he probably would be a bit nervous even if you weren't having a UC :) The UC forum here at mdc is full of great threads.  Birth videos on youtube might be helpful, there are some nice UCs on there.

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