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Strategy for Supplementing

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My son is just over 3 mths old and so far he has been EBF. I am back to work now and not pumping as much as he is eating at daycare - probably about one feeding less per day. I have some stockpiles in my freezer that will get us through at least two or three more weeks of EBF, but I want to start brainstorming what supplementing would look like if we did take that route. Do we switch out one bottle a day for formula, or mix it with breast milk over a few bottles to maintain a similar taste? Are there formulas that are a better fit for supplementing than others? I'll be doing my own research of course but wanted to reach out to see if anyone has BTDT.

I'm not interested in debating openly whether or not we will go down this path. Any tips on strategizing how to supplement with formula while maintaining a primarily breast milk diet are welcome.
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I have no idea but I hope you have figured things out. I will give your post a gentle bump in the case it was missed by an experienced mama.
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With my first when I returned to work I pumped twice at work and saved those bottles for the next day and then I just gave formula to make up for the rest of the bottles needed. I also pumped once in the night bc I was lucky and she slept straight through the night at 6 weeks old. I guess it was just the same as if I had to get up and feed! Then I continued to breast feed at home. She took well to the formula and didn't require any kind of transition. I guess it just depends on the baby.
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Thanks apeydef. We are still chugging along EBF but I continue to whittle down my freezer supply. I think when I posted before he was going through a growth spurt, so I'm not going through the stash quite as quickly. I am probably going to make it another week or two and I didn't think that would be the case. I am usually able to pump at least twice, sometimes three times at work, but sometimes he takes four bottles at daycare. Depends on the day. And that last pump at work is a tough call - if I do it, then sometimes I'm off his schedule when he gets home from daycare with DW, and I'm not full enough yet to satisfy him the next time he is hungry. It is emotional. Which is why I continue to plan for the day that supplementing may be a reality, just in case. I found a formula I like and bought it early so that I wasn't leaving it to a last minute emotional purchase. I'm thinking we should try it for the first time at home so that we can see for ourselves how he reacts, rather than letting that happen at daycare.

I continue to be interested in any advice from moms who have btdt with supplementing.
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i had to supplement with my daughter cause i was not make enough at the time but i am now thank god but there is a formula by gerber good start permature 24  that i use till i could breast feed her with out it and it did not bother her i just replace it with the feedings that i could not give her with my bfmilk  i would have use the one they have that is call soothe but the peds  want her on that one cause she was not gain weight at first 

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