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Milk & Solids After 1 (at Daycare)

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My dd's 1st bday is fast approaching and I'm trying to figure out the what, how, and how much of meeting her evolving nutritional needs. I should mention she's in daycare and while her nursing has been declining gradually, their practice of overfeeding her has not. We also have been supplementing (about 4 oz per day) and due to stress and health issues, I'm leaning toward weaning from the pump around the 1 year mark. 


While I'm eager to throw out the formula, I'm not sure what to transition her to and how much.


Currently we provide daycare with about 8 oz BM, 4 oz formula, and 2-4 oz of baby food (either homemade or from an organic pouch).


I was going to start mixing in some goats milk, but now I'm thinking I should start replacing some of her formula with water instead and see how that goes. I'm also wondering how much food to provide once she turns one - and whether that should include something for breakfast. 


For any moms who have their babes watched by others at age 1, what do you usually send? Also, she hasn't yet taken to using a cup so I'm not sure whether to transition her to a sippy or what. TIA!


PS - If I give her "whole milk" I'm leaning toward goats milk or kefir over cows milk, but would be interested in hearing various experiences re the milk issue.

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What do you mean by overfeeding? Are they forcing her to eat, or does she want to eat more than you think she should?
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If they were easier to work with maybe I'd know for sure, but given what she consumes at home or with just her dad I'm pretty sure they are encouraging her to consume more than she needs. They go through the 1-1.5 oz per hour alottment by 2-3pm and have often harassed me about not providing "enough" milk. My understanding is this is common with daycares. And working with them on paced bottle feeding is a pipe dream, they have made it clear over time that working with me is not something they're interested in.

So today I plan on replacing one of the formula bottles with water and will see what happens. She cosleeps and nurses at night so I'd like to preserve my supply (and our bf relationship) as I move toward weaning from the pump.

Also - we are planning on changing daycares when she's one, but I still have to contend with this one in the meantime.
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If they're already being difficult, are you sure they'll let you provide breastmilk past a year? My daycare provided food so I'm not sure how much he was eating, but at a year he was eating table food and just had whatever whole cow milk he wanted with meals. I still nursed at night, and it all worked ok, but I think my ds was more into food at that age than it sounds like your baby is, so I'm not sure how applicable this is, but figured a half-useful response was better than none...

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My son was never a fan of bottles or milk not straight from the tap so by around 9 months he was eating food and drinking water while at an in-home daycare and saved his milk consumption for at home. 


At a year, I was sending all kinds of foods -- finger stuff like cooked beans and large curd cottage cheese, avocado, etc., and he just never drank milk. 


We did baby-led weaning/solids so I didn't do pouch or pureed foods. 

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Good to know @pamelaRRRR - they wouldn't work with us on BLW but she's 11 mo today and I sent her with some green beans and one of her bottles is water instead of the formula supplement. 


@somelady - we plan to move her to a different daycare once she's one that seems more interested in working with us, but we still have this one to contend with in the meantime.


I came across and downloaded something that says they have to allow for breastmilk as an alternate milk and I will give it to them if need be. At the one we're planning on moving her to the director said they'd be willing to work with us re giving water during the day.


Hopefully the current one will be ok with gradual introduction of water over the next 4 weeks along with more solids.

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If you're reducing the milk, you may want to be careful of sending more calorie dense solids. It takes a lot of green beans to equal a bottle if milk. Maybe yogurt or avocado would be good options. We did a lot of cheese at that age, too.
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Good point about the more calorie-dense foods! 

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I send my just over one year old with a carton of Almond milk (we tried goat and cause allergies).  He still nurses at home, so I am not too concerned about what he drinks at daycare.  They are mandated to serve some kind of milk in our state.  I also pack his breakfast, lunch and snack.  We stick with nutrient and calorie dense foods.  They stopped giving bottles around 11 months and just give him a sippy cup with meals and snacks.

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Are you going to keep nursing past one? I don't think I would replace a formula with water! I think your better off replacing it with coconut milk or something like that (unsweetened.) you want to make sure when supplementing its something with the vitamins and calories they need at that age! Breastmilk is always ideal but when you are weaning before age two you need to sub with milk or milk alternative. Water isn't going to provide enough nutrition.
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I would supply as much food and milk as the daycare requires. I would hate to have my kid go hungry.

I know my dd would eat a lot more than your baby at 1 (don't know about milk, as she was breastfed); my ds on the other hand was eating almost no solid food. They are all different.
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I think you should reconsider. 12 oz of bm milk is standard at that age. The volume if formula would be higher. 2-4 oz of solids is pretty meaningless valor icky. Why would you want to reduce her caloric intake by a third. She will reduce her milk intake on her own. Staring sending more nutrient dense solids and she will adjust her own diet over time. But don't just take away calories.
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If it makes you feel any better, my son was in daycare for a few months around that age and never took a bottle of anything and only drank water, even though I pumped. I stopped pumping when I realized he never drank any of it! He ate some of what I sent with him, if it resembled applesauce or sweetened yogurt. There really wasn't much I or they could do about it. We gave him cow's milk products after one year and let them at daycare. He made up for whatever breast milk he wasn't getting during the day before and after he was there (when he came home, before bedtime, during the night). He basically "reverse cycled" the days he was in daycare. I tried not to worry too much about it and offer the breast a lot at home. I wouldn't worry much about over-feeding. It seems like what is most bothersome is that they imply you don't give enough milk. Maybe you could tell them that a breastfed baby will make up for what she doesn't eat during they day by nursing in the evening hours, even that she doesn't STTN and nurses all night. It sucks when daycare providers imply that they are mothering better than you. Just be firm and insist that your baby knows when she is hungry and how to ask for food. It's almost over, and you can interview new providers with cooperativeness in mind.

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