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Pregnant with Twins (or more!) 2014!

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Hi there! I'm Patricia, pregnant with identical twins (mono/di). I saw a few older threads and thought it would be nice to update. I would love to know others pregnant with more than a singleton so we can share our experiences and concerns. 


I copied the questions from an earlier thread, feel free to answer but no pressure :) 




Name? (if you feel like it)

You and maybe your partners age at the birth?

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?

What number of kids will is be for you?

Sexes? Will you be finding out?

EDD and or planned birth timing?

State you live in?

Anything else you want to share?






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Name? Patricia


You and maybe your partners age at the birth? I will be 36 and my husband 39


Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? mono/di


What number of kids will is be for you? this is 2 and 3


Sexes? Will you be finding out? YES! My husband could not bare to wait.


EDD and or planned birth timing? July 12 


State you live in? IL but we are soon moving to Indiana


Anything else you want to share? We were originally planning a home birth until we found out we were having twins. There are no midwives in Chicago who deliver twins at home. We started seeing a midwife group but the twins were measuring differently as well as the fluid levels, which is of concern. Now we are seeing a perinatologist at University of Chicago and it is the exact opposite of anything I wanted for this pregnancy. So far everything is going OK. We have our next appointment is in two weeks so hopefully everything is tops.

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Hello! Thanks for starting this-I replied to last year's thread previously, so just moving it to correct place:)

My name is Erin
You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
I will be 36, hubby 37
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
What number of kids will is be for you?
Sexes? Will you be finding out?
Will find out Jan 30th
EDD and or planned birth timing?
6/27/14 edd
State you live in?
Austin, Tx
Anything else you want to share?
Twins-what a surprise! I am terrified of having five young ones as I feel we are already crazy with our 3 girls (ages 2, 4, & 7). It is exciting though, and I'm sure everything will fall into place. My previous deliveries have been natural with the last two being home births. I am planning home births for these little ones as well, but trying to keep an open mind to the possibility things might have to change. I am almost 18 weeks now and feeling very daunted by the path that lies ahead-feeling so very pregnant already! I am happy to have found camaraderie here:)
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Name? (if you feel like it) - Nina

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? - Me (31) and DH (37)

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? - Not sure. We just found out today.

What number of kids will is be for you? - 5 and 6

Sexes? Will you be finding out? - Yes! We weren't going to until we found out it was twins.

EDD and or planned birth timing? - September 2

State you live in? - Maine

Anything else you want to share? - I am excited and terrified. My children will be 8, 7, 5, and 2.75 when these two are born. All my births have been uncomplicated vaginal births and the testing and intervention outlook with twins is daunting. I'm nervous about all of the things that are so easy with one - babywearing, cloth diapering, venturing out. KWIM? And again, I'm so excited!
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They are daunting, yes. And we wound up with lots of testing. But low intervention (unmedicated vaginal birth), cloth diapering, venturing out. Daunting, but doable. And I did some babywearing, but found that I did a lot more strollering than I would have with one. Which I was sad about, but it's still awesome. (and some people manage the babywearing, and others don't manage all the others.) With twins, you have to be a little flexible, which is tough at times.

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Hi twin mamas! I'm Azadeh, 30 weeks pregnant with our twins, who will be babies number 2 and 3 for us. Sweet DS just turned 2, I am 29 and dh 28. We just finally confirmed twins via ultrasound about a week ago though I've suspected twins for several months, and began hearing two heartbeats via fetoscope in December. I like really low-tech pregnancies and births, so this one is certainly challenging that! I think we will end up with one more ultrasound before the birth, but hopefully we can keep it at that!
Anyway, out twins are di-di, both vertex, and we won't find out the genders. They are both nice and big though, measuring slightly ahead of dates. We are very much hoping for a home birth, and we have a lovely midwife to support us. Since this will be vbac, the chances of actually giving birth in a hospital setting are pretty low.

What are you other homebirthers thinking about the possibility of difficulties with the second twin after the birth of the first? I'm seeing stats that around 1 in 270 second twins don't make it in this time frame, and this is my mw's chief concern as well. It's the biggest thing I am juggling mentally making the decision to stay home.

Anyone still nursing? I had planned to tandem with DS and one baby...two is more daunting, but I really don't want to take that comfort away from him.

I'm certainly with you all, feeling quite challenged by the changes coming up for us. I'm glad these twins won't be surprises though! Cloth diapering twins without a dryer will only be possible with MORE DIAPERS! orngbiggrin.gif

Edited: EDD 1st of April!
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Name? (if you feel like it)

You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
We will both be 30
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?


What number of kids will is be for you?
these are our first!
Sexes? Will you be finding out?
We should find out on monday if both babies cooperate
EDD and or planned birth timing?
Due 12 July, but I expect them to be born 19 June, for no particular reason
State you live in?
Berlin, Germany
Anything else you want to share?

We are moving in September, so that makes this whole twins-having thing so much more complicated! We are stuck in a one bedroom apartment until then

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Husband and I are turning 26
Di/di twins

Our first pregnancy/babies
Two girls!

40weeks is 23 of March but I say by march 10th

So exciting! A little nervous about natural birth and the experience in general but def think it's all going to work out
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Also adding that I love to see you all talk about cloth diapers and breastfeeding .. MY goals for these girls as well. I have to say it is extremely difficult getting low tech/low intervention pregnancy with twins. I am and was not prepared to be outspoken... I'm so shy!,, I regret not putting my feet down! Uuugh I even went with a midwife after ditching my obstetrician at 24 'weeks but even she is wicked. ". In the system" .. I've had 4 ultrasounds and now weekly non stress tests".. Weekly midwife visits and since I was not strong enuff in my refusal of the test... I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So upsetting bc it's cômpletely unscientific. I have not had a blood sugar reading over 140. Soo I'm not worried but doctor still tries to scare me. Grr. 6 more weeks needs to fly by bc it hasn't been the happiest or easiest experience......

Excuse the typos
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So glad to hear from you all-congratulations:)
I hope to hear updates;) We have our ultrasound this Thursday and hopefully we will find out genders. I am also thinking of attending a nomotc meeting this week to meet others with multiples in my town. Are any of you doing so as well?
Azadeh, my midwife has a few twin births under her belt, and when I asked her about the logistics of birthing twins, she did not seem to have much worry about the 2nd. She said that you sometimes need to hold them in position once the first is born so they do not turn, but says the second is usually easier and breach is not even too big a worry. There will be 4 midwives there for the birth and she has a great transport team she works with in case we do need to transfer to a hospital. I do live in a large city where getting help quickly should be easy. If I did not have all of this support in place, I may not feel as confident about it-and of course I have to wait to see the babies' final positions before I know I will definitely be at home. It sounds like your babies are in perfect position!!
Amy, you are almost there! I am sorry for all the testing. With my singletons, the testing picked up the last month and a half, especially after they were "overdue". That does sound like a lot though! I'm not sure what to expect the last part of a twin pregnancy-maybe all the testing is normal? Sorry to hear about gb. I have been a little worried about how crazy thirsty I've been lately and am thinking of getting tested early:(
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Very cool you have such a supportive midwife team!

As for me.. Just had first NST and I have to go back tonight, sooo stressful. Babies were active but heart rates did not increase much. Has this happened to anyone?
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My midwife has a good deal of twin experience,and I think her caution is partly because she attended a birth where the second twin died in this manner. Even so, I love how laid back she is about making plans, how she doesn't pressure me for anything except to eat more and gain weight. I'm looking forward to meeting the team she is assembling for a twin birth.
Speaking of weight' where are you all at with that? I'm up 25 pounds if you count from after I lost 10 at the beginning, and since I gained 50 with ds, this is definitely quite different. But I've had really now room in my stomach for months now, and I pretty much never feel hungry. Eating more than a few mouthfuls makes me feel so full I want to lay down. So eating is a daily challenge. At least babies are a rally good size already.
Amy it sounds like you are getting a lot of pressure for testing, it must feel miserable! Is there really cause for alarm? Not knowing your details, I'll just say, if it were me, and all was well, I would refuse the extra testing. By the way, my babies heart rates do typically rise when they get active, but sometimes they don't change a whole lot--it seems to depend on the activity. Anyway, I so hope all is well with your babies! Grow babies grow!

I'm so relieved to learn that we will be able to fit three RF car seats in our car! I can't even think about what we would do otherwise.
Oh, and who does family bed or will bed share with twins? How are you thinking that will work?
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Amy, how did the second test go? I don't remember ever having that type of test, so I've no help for you there.
Azadeh, sounds like your midwife is skilled and experienced:) I hope you both come up with a plan that's comfortable for you. I also feel like I'm not gaining enough, and it's freaking me out! With my three previous pregnancies, I gained 50 pounds, and although I'm not quite half way there, I think I had gained more by this point. I've gained about 10 lbs so far, and really don't feel the constant need to eat like with my previous pregnancies. I did start this pregnancy about 20 lbs heavier, so I'm hoping that helps. I've read dr luke's book and I try my best to get a lot of protein, but her recommendation of eating over 200 grams seems impossible! Her book also says for my starting bmi, I should have gained 20-30 lbs by now. I can't wait for the ultrasound on Thursday to make sure everything is ok in there:)
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Oh, and we need to trade in our minivan to fit everyone:( I think my plan for sleeping will be getting a sidecar type crib. We have a king, so hopefully everyone will fit with with a little extra bed. I would also love advice about this:)
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We had our twins in a sidecarred crib (both in one crib) for the first six months. It was really nice.

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The non stress test was fine. Actually my midwife met me at the hospital and made me feel good. She said with such young babies the nurses were looking for more of a jump in heart rate than they will show. As the weeks go it'll be more important.

I've pretty much got over the extra testing. No more stressing. Being this close to Boston I'm surprised I'm not in a hospital hooked up to machines on bedrest lol. Everything is great there is no cause for concern.. But I know with this midwife and hospital my girls have he greatest chance of having the natural birth they deserve. So the birth is more importNt to focus on than all this nonsense. I suppose at 33 weeks it's ok to overreact and be dramatic /emotional lol. I do feel there is a theme in maternity care where the mother is totally left out. Everything is about the babies as if the system owns them. Screw the mothers instincts/ choices. It is terrible... But I think from the sound of it we all found our little peice of sanity.

I was in good shape when became pregnant. I'm short but muscular and weigh 155 normally. I'd like to weigh 145 eventually but I never considered myself overweight or thought much abt the bmi. I am almost 33 weeks and I just reached 200lbs. I should send a pic bc you cannot tell I am pregnant from behind. It's all babies straight in front lol. I'm proud of my 40+ lbs I def ate A LOT. but now it's becoming hard ... I eat every 2 hours probably. Eat eat eat, drink a gallon or more or water and lots protein... That's what twins need. I gained 25 lbs by 20 weeks, it was easy. My sister had her twins early and never gained much so they were so small... So I stuffed my face just incase

I'll prob keep babes in one crib for few months. Their crib is 10ft from my bed.
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Also anyone have good resources for exclusively breastfeeding twins? These are my first babies so I've never bf .... So lost. All I know is that I will offer them it whenever... But like who gets what side... When to switch... There's got to be a good book on the topic right?
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I liked Mothering Multiples (http://www.karengromada.com/mothering-multiples/).


I switched sides each feeding. Others give each baby a side, or switch daily.


Find a good lactation consultant, ideally one who has twin experience. And call early. My kids took three months to be good nursers (pumped and bottle fed until then; it was a struggle, but worked out in the end), then nursed exclusively until 7 months, still nursing (but also eating food, obviously) since then and up to 2 1/2 years (still going). It can be done.

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Glad things are going well, and you're feeling better about testing:/ would love to see pictures! We found out we've got a boy and a girl! Everything is looking good:) there are some youtube videos about breastfeeding twins I've watched. I've nursed 3 singleton babies, but feeding two at the same time seems very complex. Will check out the link-thanks! Now I am thinking about names... I read in a twin book about naming the second one born a name that comes before the first one born in the alphabet, so the younger one isn't always coming in second/younger-they would graduate from school first(called to receive diploma first), etc. I like this idea, but maybe it's too complicated, especially since they are girl/boy, and the boy will be the only boy with 4 sisters, and the youngest. The girl twin, whom should theoretically be born first, I could see getting lost in the crowd, and it might be nice to retain priveledge of being older and coming first in school things, etc. Anyways, crazy thoughts, I know! Any naming tips out there?
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awww boy and girl! congrats! i will admit i cried for a week when i found out i wasnt carrying a boy, not one! my sister just had two girls and i was soo sure i had two boys or at least one. never in my life i thought id be having daughters. i have always been such a tomboy like lesbian status lol but my husband is this big macho guy so everyone laughed and couldnt beleive it was two girls. since then i cant tell you how much these little girls have changed my life and perspective on parenting. my mother said she knew from the start i was having girls because of how emotional i was and how i started dressing up, wearing purfume, getting pedicures with her lol. i chopped off my hair before i knew i was pregnant, and 40 lbs later i have never felt more feminine and beautiful. i cannot beleive i used to hide behind t shirts thinking i was fat. makes me even more nervous to raise two girls in this horribly sexist society. how do you cope?

names... oh man i am terrible with names. i have given up and i will just name them when they come out. interesting about the alphabetical thing i never thought about that. the names we have are zoey, mia or maya, and olivia. my sisters girls are sophia and charlotte. i love the names mason and liam or a version of brandon for boys.
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