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amyc1688 - you couldn't be better prepared for girls! I have three (so far) and I am FAR from girly. If only my husband could carry and birth the children lol.gif My husband is much calmer than myself and a wonderful father. The girls are very lucky in that they will be very picky in choosing a guy half as sweet as their dad. And the girls are just AMAZING. None of them are very girly. I guess because they're not super exposed to that. My oldest is an artist and likes drawing dinosaurs, pokemon, her own comics, yoshi, etc. They're all tough. And they're beautiful in the way that only girls can be. They also still manage to get along with other girls. And boys. smile.gif

After saying that, I'm still really hoping for twin boys. Five girls is surreal in my mind. If that's what it is then it's meant to be I guess. I'm thinking about buying that Mothering Multiples book. I'm wondering about sleep training too. I've always gone with the flow, but I lose my marbles when I seriously lack sleep and with four children on top of twins, I may just have to consider "training". I'm not sure if there is a gentle way? It will have to be. I really want to breastfeed both too and I really don't want to have to resort to pumping at all. I have the supplies, but I don't think I will have the time. Maybe if I pump one side while nursing one and use the bottle for a future feeding. Alternate so both nurse and both bottle feed breastmilk? Is that something that moms of twins do? It sounds easier than tandem nursing, though that is my ultimate goal.
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Thank you! Love your names too:)Yea, Nina, 5 girls seemed really wild to me too, somehow 4 seems like a good number of them:)
Love my girls, and I am far from girly. My girls can be really girly, and then not girly at all. I actually was reared by a feminist leaning single mother, and I feel like I missed out on knowing how to do things that others seem to know-fix hair, makeup, fashion:) I definitely do not put much emphasis on looks, but as they grow older, I hope to strike a good balance so they dont feel as lost as I do.we have managed to stay away from most media type stuff, and the whole disney princess thing, but my oldest is only 7, so I'm sure we are up for some tough stuff later down the road. We didn't do tv or movies until my oldest was almost 5, but my youngest sure has gotten much more than she should! Using netflix and pbs, we are in fairly good control over their exposure for now. And, it's great how many options there are for clothes now a days that are not tv characters-even back when my first was a baby, it was hard to find anything without a bunch of characters. I am actually more worried about having a boy these days and what kind of message they receive. There is so much emphasis on girl power and how they can do anything, and I don't feel like there is anything so prevalent for boys. Of course I'm an outsider looking in at this point:) you will do great with girls!
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Nina, feeling the same way about scheduling, feeding , etc.. I've always gone with the flow and really never adhered to a schedule...not at all sure how that translates with twins! And knowing nursing one can keep you busy all day with only one...having two to feed seems impossible! I really hate pumping, but I am not sure if there will be a way around it:/
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Originally Posted by Azadehhast View Post

Hi twin mamas! I'm Azadeh, 30 weeks pregnant with our twins, who will be babies number 2 and 3 for us. Sweet DS just turned 2, I am 29 and dh 28. We just finally confirmed twins via ultrasound about a week ago though I've suspected twins for several months, and began hearing two heartbeats via fetoscope in December. I like really low-tech pregnancies and births, so this one is certainly challenging that! I think we will end up with one more ultrasound before the birth, but hopefully we can keep it at that!
Anyway, out twins are di-di, both vertex, and we won't find out the genders. They are both nice and big though, measuring slightly ahead of dates. We are very much hoping for a home birth, and we have a lovely midwife to support us. Since this will be vbac, the chances of actually giving birth in a hospital setting are pretty low.

What are you other homebirthers thinking about the possibility of difficulties with the second twin after the birth of the first? I'm seeing stats that around 1 in 270 second twins don't make it in this time frame, and this is my mw's chief concern as well. It's the biggest thing I am juggling mentally making the decision to stay home.

Anyone still nursing? I had planned to tandem with DS and one baby...two is more daunting, but I really don't want to take that comfort away from him.

I'm certainly with you all, feeling quite challenged by the changes coming up for us. I'm glad these twins won't be surprises though! Cloth diapering twins without a dryer will only be possible with MORE DIAPERS! orngbiggrin.gif

Edited: EDD 1st of April!

Azadeh, congratulations on your news! My name is Jessica (26 years old), I just had twin boys (di/di and vertex as well). I'm from Indiana. My twins are 8 months old now. My oldest son is 2 1/2. I worked as a preschool teacher up until my twins were born.  I was induced at 38 weeks.  Delivery went well.  Baby A had been head down for some time so a vaginal birth was possible!  Baby B was breach and they tried rotating him several times, but eventually delivered him breach and all has been well ever since.  Baby A weighed 6.8 lbs and Baby B weighed 6.4 lbs.  I read several books during my pregnancy that had me believing I would have to go on bed rest or I would go into preterm labor, BUT I'm here to tell you that's NOT ALWAYS THE CASE :) Also, I have been nursing my twins exclusively since day 1. I am a stay at home mom though, so that does make it a lot easier. I nurse them simultaneously with a very large twin nursing pillow.  The pillow has been a lifesaver and I highly recommend it! Best of luck to you! 

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Thanks to @eaustin for reminding me about this forum!


Your age at the birth? 35

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Di/Di

What number of kids will is be for you? 3 & 4

Sexes? Will you be finding out? Both Boys

EDD and or planned birth timing? June 1st. planning & timing still up in the air - I have midwifery care, but in our area twin pregnancies require 'shared care' so I will also be seeing an O/B shortly, and then continue to see both through the birth.

State you live in? Ontario, Canada

Anything else you want to share? Still wrapping our heads around the logistics of getting everyone out the door daily! DS is in school and we walk him there & home each day. DD is 2.5, and can't walk that whole distance yet -- depending on how much snow we have & if the sidewalks are clear, she goes either in one of our strollers or on my back in a SSC - that plan won't work w/3 that can't make the walk ... then the thought of getting a toddler plus 2 babies in & out of the car, both at home and for shopping, errands etc ... shopping carts that barely hold a week's worth of groceries w/o filling up 'cargo' space with even one carseat ... Fitting 4 carseats (3RFng, 1booster) in my vehicle .... Once I can wrap my head around how we transport everyone where we need to go, I think I'll feel more prepared! The other parts are easier to prepare for -- lots of diapers, lots of blankets, lots of clothes (lots of laundry!).

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Oh so glad you joined us, @synepona, and happy to hear your news about boys!! @bremen, I recognize your name from the ddc too:)
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Hey, just wanted to say congrats to all of you. Not all twins come early, had 41 weekers here. Also we did exclusive nursing, cloth diapering, and babywearing (especially while grocery shopping) . Mainly the cloth diapers to save money and it wasn't hard at all since DD1 was still in diapers too when they were born so just did a little more laundry. Nursing was fine since I already had my toddler nursing so I never even got engorged. You guys are all going to do great. Even if you think it will get overwhelming you really just go day by day and look back wondering where the time went.

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Thanks, Emelee! My midwife's encounters with twins have all been 41 weeks-I'm thinking I will go late too as my other 3 babies have each been over 2 weeks past due:) definitely a lot to think about with twins, and your encouragement is nice to hear. I am just starting to think of babywearing-I just figured I'd do one at a time, but see there are a lot of wrap type carriers that show both twins in together. Do you have carrier recommendations?
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I've not made it to my EDD yet with the previous two (DS was one day 'early', DD was born at 38w5d), so I'm hopeful not to go beyond 40 this time either smile.gif I'm in Canada, with midwifery care, but as it's part of the provincial healthcare system (and paid for by it), in order to keep my midwives, I will also have 'shared care' with an OB, and the OB and MW will both be at the delivery, and I'll have appts with each of them for the remaining weeks.
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Yes thank you for the encouragement emelee!

I will be 34 weeks on Sunday, I can definitely feel changes in my body but nothing too dramatic yet. I don't think I will be getting to 40 weeks however. My cycle was only 25 days, they have my EDD on March 23 but my due date is march 11th if count from conception not last period. I'll be surprised if I go beyond the first week of March... But when they are ready they'll come!
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Oh and I also have to have an OB in the room with my midwife... But luckily they all have worked with each other for years. I met the OB just once and I am just hoping I won't need him.
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I'm sure many of you have seen this, but posting just in case you haven't. I know the risk is much greater with twins, and I've had it each time with singletons-I'm trying everything!
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Emelee, so grateful for the encouragement!! Very few people are telling twin mamas that babywearing and cloth diapering is possible, but of course they are! I'm also glad to see you nursed your toddler along with twins, because I will be doing the same, most likely, and there is so much opposition to it.
Have you other mamas checked out the forums on thebabywearer.com? They have a thread specifically for wearing twins, with lots of photos and tutorial links. We spent DS's first year car and stroller-free, lots and lots of wearing, and I can't imagine not wearing these babies a lot too, and seeing all these photos of mamas wearing two at once has given me such confidence. Totally possible!
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I forgot about that website-will need to join to see more about it. Thank you for sharing:)
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I'm 39 and pregnant with twins after IVF. My due date is September 9th, so I'm just 10 weeks and still nervous after two miscarriages.


I'm seeing a high risk OB, I had hoped to go with a midwife but with my age it wasn't possible. 


I hadn't realized that babywearing was even possible with twins, I'll have to check that out. 


I've had major morning sickness and am taking both Diclectin and Zofran right now, which keeps me from throwing up but I still don't feel well at all. I really hope the second trimester is better. I haven't joined my Due Date Club, since I've had to drop out of them twice before, I guess I'm nervous about it. I've had two ultrasounds and the babies looked healthy, but I'm constantly worried about miscarrying again. Especially after being so sick; we have two frozen embryos left, but honestly I don't think I can do this again. I've barely left the house since week 6.


I need to figure out how to relax and be happy about this pregnancy! I'm thrilled, but SO worried.

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Good luck to you Laggie! Positive thinking!

My update this week, almost 35 weeks....u/s estimated the girls are 5lbs 4oz and 5lbs 6oz. !! So I have abt 11 lbs of baby and potentially 4 weeks to go
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I have not experienced a miscarriage, and I'm so sorry you have:( For some reason, I was extra worried about it at the beginning of my current pregnancy, maybe because it felt more could go wrong with twins, but after our 12 week u/s, I started to feel less scared. I definitely felt much better morning sickness-wise by 15 weeks. I never experienced it with previous pregnancies, and mine wasn't bad enough to need medicine, but I hated it! Good luck and let us know updates:)

Amyc-glad all is well!!
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Our twins are now 6 months-old and I wanted to jump in with additional words of encouragement on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and babywearing! We are exclusively breastfeeding and cloth diapering. In fact we were prepared for both of us to breastfeed but my wife had oversupply. It's not possible for everyone but it is definitely possible! I was nervous about keeping up with cloth diaper laundry but it has been easy even with both of us now back at work. We started right away once the meconium passed, even with our four-pounder (the Rumparooz newborn covers are awesome). The babies lived in our Moby and Boba wraps in the early days (mostly one on each of us but sometimes both in one Moby). Now they are in carriers like the Ergo and Boba 4g or woven wraps. My wife is actually super talented at tandem carries!
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Awesome to hear Bigfoot... We're trying for exclusive breastfeeding and cloth diapering with our twins. I'll be using disposables for first week or so but they are the gdiaper disposables so it's not too bad. I wonder if they will fit the newborns.. They say the girls are 5lbs + right now at 35 weeks but I wonder how accurate.

Overall everything's been good but my NST last night got me at high blood pressure. I had to stay for urine and blood work, so far it turned out ok but I don't have all the results. I was extremely exhausted yesterday and tried to tell them that's why but... They still threw around the induction word a few times which scared me. Although secretly excited bc I really want to see my babies! But I can wait hopefully. I will be 36 weeks Sunday and really hoping to make it past Feb!
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I'm 12 weeks today and freaking out about my diet. I feel like there is no way I can get enough calories or protein. I'm still vomiting and I've lost 5 pounds. Are there any other twin mamas here who didn't gain or lost weight in the first trimester and everything turned out ok so far?
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