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cloth diapering

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I'm on the fence.  With DD1 & DD2, we used disposables during the first year.  With DD2, we did CD's (pockets) once she was walking until she potty trained.  DH is a SAHD, and is reluctantly willing to do a hybrid (ie so long as we have disposables around for emergencies or traveling) but I'm in charge of "managing" diapers if we do that.  If we decided to try that, I'm inclined to try a multi-size option like BumGenius (we had a few of them last time & I liked them).  BUT ... we sold all our diapers years ago, and I'm leery of investing a ton in them during the early days when we've never done little-baby CDing and I'm not sure if I'll feel physically up to handling the wash etc. while recovering from birth & starting back to work initially.  Thoughts?  

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We're going with Bum Genius AIO one-size based on recommendations and "research" that we hope to use for this babe and any that may follow. Since one-size won't fit baby until 9-12 weeks, I am sort of facing a similar issue.


There are many online services that rent out newborn sizes for 12 weeks (of new or used variety). There's a bajillion of them out there, just ask the Google! (has anyone rented? lemme know about it!)


With that said... It seems that the cost between renting (gently used) and buying disposable for 12 weeks is comparable. If you feel like cloth could be a little stressful for the first months, why bother? You can do the good for baby better for planet thing for MANY months afterward :) Make it easier on yourself, do what will keep you sane!

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I am planning to cloth diaper.  We're financially strapped so I'm mostly just doing whatever I can get from friends (have a bunch of sleep sacks and wool soakers already).  I figure I'll likely need to buy the prefolds, though.  We'll figure it out.

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With my daughter, we used the pack of 20 swaddler disposables that we received in the hospital, through the meconium and she hasn't worn a sposie since. We have traveled and road tripped and everything and she has only worn cloth. We love it. I'm obsessed. If you're looking for a cheaper route, you can look into GMD workhorse fitteds and covers, or prefolds and covers. You can also buy a couple one size, Totsbots are my absolute favorite, but they are expensive. Otherwise you can get ones on sale, or gently used ones on diaper swapper websites and stuff like that.

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I'm also obsessed. Completely.


I have a newborn/littles stash of used Green Mountain prefolds and wool and Thirsties covers I got from friends and online.

We have purchased a few BumGenius, but I'm considering buying a larger stash of SoftBums for the long haul. I'll have to check out Totsbots!

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One of my doula clients lent us all the cloth we needed for my son. She's done having kids now (4 in 3 yrs) so she just gave us her whole stash for the new baby treehugger.gif . I'm so excited! I need to sort through everything to see what we have to pass some to another friend thinking of cd. joy.gif
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I've cloth diapered all of mine, and only my third has been in cloth since birth. The other two had disposables for a few months.  Honestly, cloth from birth was not nearly as hard as I assumed it would be. Somehow the diapers got cleaned (by me, but I don't even remember doing them postpartum. But no one else knows how to wash them so it must have been me) and I truly do not see much difference (time wise) when it comes to putting on a prefold that is trifolded in a cover vs. a pocket diaper or AIO.


How long are you staying home before hubby becomes a SAHD? Maybe you could be in charge of the (much cheaper) newborn prefolds/covers until it's time to go to work, and then switch to the hybrid? My husband quickly realized the prefolds and covers were very do-able.

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I've tried it all. I personally found cloth diapering to be easier for a newborn. If you don't mind cloth diapering an older child, then I don't think you'll find CD a younger baby difficult. But for me, I do like AIOs for newborn babies, better than one size dipes. They just seem too bulky for use with those itty bitty bottoms and legs! Buying used, and or reselling does help you keep the overall expense down too.
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Cloth diapering a newborn is much easier than an older baby. Poo doesn't need to be rinsed! I personally love Motherease bamboo fitteds (Sandys) and workhorse GMDs with wool for the first few months. We also have the totbots bamboo AIOs in newborn size. I've tried just about everything and we ECd our second baby so I love having fitteds without a cover. We also have prefolds in every size and use them for just about everything. I despise pockets because of the buildup and absolutely love bumGenius OS AIOs for after 3 months. They're the best for leaks and traveling. I've done exclusive cloth since birth (traveling and two in diapers) until about a month ago when I switched to honest company diapers. Both kids are "potty trained" at 3 and 18 months and I was only going through 3-4 diapers a day (nap and bedtime) and I couldn't justify letting my diapers sit in the pail that long or doing laundry with so few diapers every other day.
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We also did the workhouse GMD's with wool (and elimination communication) the first few months with my new baby.  :)  After that though (especially once we started going out a lot more) I started to prefer pocket diapers while continuing with EC. 


Now my little guy is almost two and refusing to potty train completely...I think it's because we don't have actual toilets here (only composting buckets) so his baby potty isn't that appealing since it is not similar to what we use.   We practice potty training during the day until we end up having a lot of misses and then I put a pocket diaper on him if we're going out or a workhorse fitted if we're just at home.. We've had to use organic disposibles at night because I haven't found a cloth diaper yet that can hold up to his nighttime wees. 

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What's your care taking situation? Honestly, doing one more load of diapers (when you're already doing laundry) really isn't that much of a difference, IMO.
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I'm hoping against hope that we can move before the babe comes.  I live in an old house divided into apartments and share a washer and dryer with one girl and then a family who lives downstairs (all my friends, at least).  The family downstairs is a family of 4 who cloth diapers one baby.  I can't imagine trying to do it.. if it happens and we're still here we'll face it but meanwhile.... lame.

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I cloth-diapered both girls and loved it. I'm another mama with a big stash of all kinds, but since you mentioned hybrids I wanted to give a shout out for G Diapers. I stuffed them mostly with prefolds but they were a good option for squeamy relatives/babysitters because you can also fill them with the biodegradable/flushable inserts. I also liked the flushable inserts while traveling/on the road or when one of my girls was having diarreah. The downside of them is that they come in FOUR sizes counting the newborn (which were my favorite newborn dipes, only ones small enough to fit my teeny lil 6-pounders). That bring said, mediums and the larges each go a long way, and because the actual cloth part of the diaper rarely gets soiled (there's this little snap-out plastic part between the diaper and cover), you really don't need as many as you would with many others. They are expensive new, but consignment shops and Craigslist here are always teeming with them.

I also love a thirsties cover over a prefold, but that sounds like not exactly what you and your hubby are looking for.
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Oh yes! I like the g-diapers, or as my kids call them, google diapers. I've only used them with my olders though, never with a newborn.
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Okay.. let's say you're pretty strapped financially *cough*... what would you say are the essentials for like the first 3 months?
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I have used all kinds of stuff, but settled on thirsties and flat folds. 2 dozen flat folds, 3 to 6 covers, and a few snappis are all you really need. A wet bag is nice, but you can just use whatever plastic basket to toss the diapers in when you are home.

If you don't want to buy flatfolds or prefolds, you can use old t-shirts or flour sack towels. Tshirts are great, though, because you can cut them down for a newborn and not have to hem them, since they don't fray. Not having a hem is nice because you don't have to do sew it, but it also reduces bulk in the folded diaper.
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And in a pinch, you can always stuff covers with kitchen towels, washcloths and t shirts (like FF mentioned). As babe gets older and urine volume increases, you'll be happy for a super soaking prefold or flat fold like Blue Mountain, but I actually used the super cheap Gerber trifolds (prefolds) for almost the first year with my first and the first nine months with my second (before I switched to more solid prefolds) and they were fine. Breast milk poop also washes out so easily so they're so easy to wash in the first year without ever having to do second wash cycles to really get em clean.

My main advice for money saving would be to under stash, just get what Fisher Family recommended and then slowly build it up with what you need/ like the best over time. Plus, you never know when some mama will find out you're cloth diapering and then hand over her whole stash. Also watch CL and free cycle. You'll find some great stuff!

You also only need a teensy but of detergent when washing diapers, and I always washed cold until they got a little older, so laundry prolly won't be as expensive as you think.

Finally, register for some cloth dipes and supplies (like a diaper sprayer that attaches to your toilet, wet bag, diaper pail with wet bag inside, some cute covers, etc.). Maybe you'll get lucky wink1.gif.
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Pinterest has a ton of patterns for making diapers for newborns out of shirts. I've made wool soakers out of 100% merino or lambs wool sweaters that I got at goodwill for a few dollars each. I think wool is the best because you will never have a leak and it only needs to be "washed" every 2 weeks.
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Other soul all you need are sustainable babyish fitteds with a cover to contain night time pee. I have 4 and that's all we used at night and have never had a leak and we were leaking every night
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Pudlenka, maybe start with disposables and buy a few one size Bumgenius pockets to see if you'll continue using them? You can always on sell them without too much of a loss if you decide you'd rather not use them.

I love cloth. I didn't start with my son until he was 4 months so I haven't CD'd a newbie yet, but I can't wait. I made 90% of my son's stash and can't wait to start making some for this bubba.

For the NB stage I'll make bamboo fitteds, knitted soakers and longies and I'll try a couple of PUL covers too.
I'll move on to sized AI2s once we grow out of the NB fitteds. I loved them with my son and they're fun to make.
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