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Insurance & Breast Pumps

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Anybody already worked through their new ACA-required insurance coverage for a breast pump?  I gave my pump away 7 yrs ago and will need a new one this year.  I wrote to Health Alliance today saying my OB had asked me to request a list of covered pumps & providers (so that we can start fighting to get a double electric covered if they say crappy manual).

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I don't have any advice, but good luck. Last year we got a double electric covered by insurance, so I hope that your doctor is able to wrangle it. I can't say how good it was or wasn't- we tried to induce lactation and, unfortunately, failed, but it probably wasn't the pump's fault.

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I have called my insurance company. They gave me three companies from which I can order the pump. They are all medical supply companies; I can't just order from Amazon or something. This is one of the companies: https://www.edgepark.com/shopcatalog/item/ml57065


However, I cannot order the pump until the baby is born. It seems that it will take about two weeks to get the pump. 

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Anybody with health alliance?
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Just call or e-mail them.  I have a fairly unassuming policy with Aetna through my school district and I e-mailed them through the "contact us" link on their website.  They sent me a couple of vendors but were unable/unwilling to tell me how much I would be responsible for paying for the breast pump (rolling eyes here).  The vendors knew, however - I had a choice of several double electric pumps with no co-pay (I got the Medela Ultra), and if my baby is born with a tongue-tie or other feeding issues, I can exchange it for a medical grade one (I believe the brand is Hygeia).


Anyway - even if all they reply with is a list of vendors, the vendors can tell you (or find out) what you're eligible for.  Good luck!

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I'm in contact with them. They are trying to say they are only requires by law to cover a single manual. Rolling eyes ... thanks, that's part of the giveaway bag at hospitals and obs, and the $15 is a real break ... planning to fight it tooth and nail, as they're also refusing to cover homebirth.
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Finally got a full response. They interpret their ACA commitment as being single manual (not subject to deductible or copay). However, pumps are now DME so I can get it with normal full coverage. smile.gif yay!
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