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PA Montessori and Waldorf

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I've been researching both Montessori and Waldorf for a few years now.  I've visited the classrooms, read the books, and digested all of the online anecdotes.  I'm still undecided which, (if either) I might choose for my son. The option of homeschooling is still appealing.  


I can see him attending part-time pre-school, maybe in a year or two.   I'm looking for positive and negative personal stories and experiences with both Waldorf and Montessori in PA.  I'm in Philadelphia, and my family is in Bucks County, so both areas are options.  


I've already read the 60 page thread on "Waldorf Recovery," and I'm well-aware of the deeper issues that seem to pop up in regard to Steiner and anthroposophy, but if you have any experience with the schools in our area, I'd like to hear about it.  


My biggest dilemma is the balance.  I love the idea of imagination and creativity being held with such reverence in the Waldorf schools, but unsure if sacrificing books and skill-based activity, (that he'd receive at Montessori), is the way to go.


I do honor the idea of filling in any of the gaps at home, just not clear about what this might look like.  :dizzy 

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Have you looked in the learning beyond school forum? http://www.mothering.com/community/f/50/learning-at-home-and-beyond
Or just browsed the education forum?

You may get more responses if you post there.
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I have bookmarked those links for later reading :)

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