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being lied to

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I had an emergency cesarean in May. My labor was difficult and painful. I had a placenta abruption that led to a cesarean. My ob/gyn never spoke about my delivery and I never asked. Truth is I never felt like it was open for discussion. It took me this long to try an attempt at closure.

I asked to speak to the doctor but the nurse called me instead. She told me if I want to talk to my doctor about this then I have to make an appointment. I don't have insurance and won't till after the first of february. That is not an option especially since I'm moving cross country. She decides to take matters in her own hands and talk about my labor. She lied she diminished my experience to something so insignificant. Little does she know I saw what my insurance paid for that conflicts her watered down version. For one its absurd for her to discuss what happened she wasn't there and is not a surgeon.

Now I have no idea what happened I feel worse after talking to her. I was open to talking to the ob before this but now no. Its horrible to be treated this way. I only wanted to know what happened instead was treated like an inconvenience.

I plan on requesting my medical records. Also researching Ob/gyn in my new area. Once I find one that I trust I will have them get my records and ask what happened. Its awful to live with not knowing. Feeling of mistrust that I have no one to talk to.

Should I file a complaint against the nurse? I asked to talk to the dr but she said id have to pay to do that?? Is this common practice?
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The nurse may have been following docs orders to talk to you. You could make a general complaint about how you couldn't speak to the doc. I would def find another office.
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Love my lab is that standard procedure??
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I think that "standard procedures" probably vary office to office.
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