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Planning an UC in October - gathering info now :-)

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Hi ladies!
I'm due with my 4th baby October 3rd. With each of my pregnancies, I was under the care of a midwife. However, I am a late gestator and I always pass the 42 mark - but not without meeting opposition. I would always have to continue my care with the local hospital and it was never pretty going head to head with them. My husband and I want to do this on our own this time, in the comfort of our own home, and without the pressure of being on a clock. We're both comfortable doing it on our own at home but I just would like to hear from others who are planning one as well and from the ones who've done it before. I've already read Emergency Childbirth by Gregory White and we plan on taking a neonatal resuscitation course in about 5/6 months. I would love to know what would be good for preventing hemorrhaging. And what should we do about any tearing? I've never had any tearing before but I'd like to know just in case. Does anyone have a link for a supply list that I may find useful? Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated!
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And also, as far as neonatal resuscitation goes, has anyone done that? Did you just take the online course and skip the testing/certification portion? Or did you do the whole thing?
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I had my first uc 4 weeks ago. went very well! I didn't do a neo resus course. I did watch a youtube video on it. as far as tearing its generally little to no tearing in a relaxed homebirth setting as you probably have already noticed. If you havent been tearing you're probably just fine. if you do though keep your legs together, you could use nori seaweed i think it was called. think some women also use super glue. I can't answer the hemmorage thing. i did do some research and many of the causes are hospital intervention. In all honesty I felt strongly lead in my decision to uc and I knew in my heart baby and I would be fine so although I still did my research for the most part, I didnt put a lot of stress and worry into the what ifs :) good luck to you and congrats on your pregnancy! 

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Congrats, redpepper86! smile.gif I just had my fourth baby 4 weeks ago. I tore a little bit this time but just kept my legs together and let it heal naturally as it didn't look too bad. I healed great and it feels so much better compared to stitches. With my third, I got stitches when I probably didn't really need to and I wish I didn't...it never felt like it healed right. After tearing along the same scar and letting my body heal itself, I'm glad I left it alone...feels normal again! smile.gif

For hemmorage, I have always kept Shepherd's Purse on hand to take after the placenta is out. I've used it in the past but didn't this time. Taking a bite of the placenta and putting in under your tongue or swallowing is good.
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Thanks so much for the replies ladies! I read somewhere that super glue for tears will also work - has anyone tried that? Also, as far as Shepard's Purse goes? How much do you take after the placenta is delivered? I've bled heavily in the past (but not to the point of hemorrhaging) so I'd like to take it as soon as I deliver the placenta.
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Also sgnorton123, which neo resus video did you watch?
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If you can, I would really recommend taking Karen Strange's NRP course:



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I kept shepherds purse on hand just in case but didn't have any on hand when I miscarried a few months back and I used cayenne which stopped the hemorrhaging almost instantly and kept me from blacking out. I got shepherds purse at inhishands.com and the cayenne from herbdoc.com. Yes, I use superglue for any wound that looks like it could use stitches on me, hubby or kids.
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Another option is homeopathic Arnica in a 30 C dilution works well. I used it after my last combined with lots of massaging of my uterus and was all healed up and done bleeding within a couple of days. Just avoid Arnica in a lower dilution for this type of bleeding.

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Hope you don't mind me jumping in with a question:  When you talk about using Shepherd's Purse, how do you mean? Is in a tincture and you ingest it, or do you apply it down there? Or put it in a compress and apply it?

I use herbs fairly often and even grow some of my own, but have no experience with Shepherd's Purse.  We're planning a UC, and while I didn't have any problems with delivering my first two I did have fairly heavy bleeding (not enough the CNM was worried but enough to keep an eye on).

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Just wanted to jump in real quick and say hi, redpepper. I'm due mid-October as well. This is my 7th. I have had 6 homebirths, 4 of which were UC and the last 3 of which were waterbirths. Each experience is unique. I tend to have faster and easier labors each time. I hope the same is true for you. :)

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I'm planning to UC with this baby, due mid-October, as well! I just bought a bottle of Shepherd's Purse yesterday. Cost about $12. I haven't researched specifically how much to take, but I know you can put a dropper full in some water to dilute the taste. I also have a bottle of After Ease to help the afterbirth pains, and might get False Unicorn to keep on hand in case I have a preterm scare like last time. My husband is an ER nurse and fully experienced with treating just about anything that might come up. I used to be a maternity/NICU nurse, so I also feel comfortable intervening if I'm not the one having an issue. I probably won't re-certify in NRP (neonatal resuscitation), but maybe I'll read a refresher course since it's been a few years since I used it at work! Also, some hemorrhage prevention includes nursing asap to get your uterus contracting, making sure the entire placenta comes out (no chunks retained), and massaging your uterus frequently. It should be hard like a baseball. If it feels squishy, enlarged, or not in the center, you probably have a full bladder that is keeping it from contracting properly. Good luck!

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I've read good things about taking alfalfa in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy to boost vit k and therefore prevent PPH. I'm definitely going that route myself, alfalfa is so nutrient rich, its a win - win!
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You should do the online course on indiebirth.com!! It is so worthwhile!! Best info and preparation I can think of!
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