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New here!

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I just posted all of this in the due date thread but I thought I'd introduce myself here as well:


Hello ladies!!  I'm new here and thought I'd drop in to share some info.  A mom from one of my local FB groups said she found a great birth month group on Mothering, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I was in a May '14 moms group from BabyCenter but we didn't seem to share the same "life philosophies" to put it nicely.  So anyway, here I go:  


My real name is Dawn, I'm 37 but will be 38 in March.  This is my 2nd and last pregnancy - due to MANY health issues my doc is recommending a hysterectomy after this baby.  I'm very depressed about it - a whole other issue.  I'm still nursing my older son who turned 3 in November.  Although he's down to only 1-2 sessions a day. I was hoping to have him weaned by the time the baby got here, but I'm doubtful.  I have Lupus, was diagnosed 10.5 years ago.  So I take steroids (prednisone) every day for that.  I had a fairly uncomplicated pregnancy last time and things seems to be going that way this time as well.  


My due date is 5/23 but my first son was born 3.5 weeks early, so I'm just telling everyone to keep the whole month of May open.  I have felt, even before conception, that I would have another boy.  E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. I know is saying this baby will be a girl (just because THEY want a girl - not for any particular reason.)  And to be honest it's starting to tick me off.  My husband and I had decided to stay neutral and be surprised but at the last us the tech said "look away if you don't want to know" and I kept looking.  I'm *pretty* sure I saw a penis. And when hubs and son went to the potty I asked her "So, it's a boy isn't it??"  And she said yes, she thinks it is.  YAY ME!!  


**To be clear I wouldn't have been upset by a girl.  I was just happy to know my gut instinct was right.  So no one but you girls know that I know ;)  Shhhhh......


Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know you all.  I would also like to know if there's a Facebook page for this group?  I loved the convenience of the old group but again, we didn't see eye to eye.  


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Welcome.  I don't think there is a FB group yet, a lot of us are happy to stay here and chat.  I know that with some of the other groups, everyone has disappeared from the forum once a FB group got started.  I believe there was some discussion earlier about starting one after the babies are here. 


Congratulations on another little boy! 

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Welcome Supermiller!  We seem to be becoming more active on here now that we are getting past the halfway mark and it all seems so soon and so real!  I don't think anyone has tried to start a FB page yet - which is fine by me - maybe once the babies are here.  I am nominally in the April DDC as well, and it is pretty much non-existent because of the FB page, which has left pretty much no one on the mothering site.  I don't know, but I far prefer not having this stuff on FB, mostly because I don't like putting much on FB, and the leakage from one supposedly closed area of FB to another (plus the constant tinkering with things that seem to make once private stuff suddenly public etc. is annoying and worrisome for me.  I like the anonymity of location and identifying details for now, on here (as weird as that is, since it's all public to read :nut). 

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Welcome! I have the same EDD as you :)  I love fb too but I agree that once we start a fb group the MDC forum tends to die.  
Maybe if anybody here is in a good crunchy parenting group they can add you?

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I'm fine just staying here. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.  I was in a BabyCenter group before and the FB page was nice and cozy vs. the bc group, which got pretty dramatic.  I tend to think some of the posts on those larger sites are faked by admins to get drama started.  Plus I was so much older than most of the girls there and was far more "hippie adjacent" as I like to say.  I just needed to jump ship before I started an argument with someone.  But glad I stumbled over here!!  Everyone seems great. 

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